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  Need some advice.
Posted by: shadow - 1 hour ago - Forum: Chit-Chat and Off Topic - Replies (3)

On 5/13/19 I had knee replacement surgery, I went back to the doctor in July for the first after surgery check up were they took some x rays and they told me that everything looks good.

Fast forward eight months later and I'm in a lot of pain and can barely walk some days. So I make an appointment to go see the doctor and they do some more x rays, and the doctor tells me that the knee implant is separating from the bone and the only way to fix it is with another knee replacement using a different implant. 

I had the last appointment to see the doctor that did my carpal tunnel surgery Friday  4/3/20, he used to do knee surgery but no longer does that type of surgery, and explained my situation to him and the problems I was having. 

He told me that for the knee implant to be separating from the bone that something was not done right, and the only way to fix it would be to completely remove the first implants and replace it with a different type. 

The second surgery would be a lot more involved, there would be a lot more scar tissue and recovery would be two or three times longer than the first time. 

Should I get a lawyer and go after the doctor for his screw
Up ?.

Any thoughts or opinions on this would be appreciated.

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  Some Stress reducing Coronwatch.
Posted by: Scott7022 - Today, 02:28 AM - Forum: Story time with Scott - Replies (1)

Just thought I would post a couple of videos to distract you from constantly watching death tolls and MM fear factor advertising.

Not saying it isn’t serious. But do we really want to watch a clicking tally like some Killing Fields investigation?

Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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  Being tracked?... by Amazon?
Posted by: sternwake - Yesterday, 01:01 AM - Forum: The Sternwake files - Replies (22)

A few days or more ago I posted here on how I needed my Dremel  for a task, but the carbon brushes were worn out and the tool inoperable.

  I had an older set of brushes from some unknown power tool, which were too big, and I sanded them down to fit in my Dremel and finished the project.

Now, I know I did not get the brush dimensions perfect, they are a bit tapered and a bit smaller than they need to be, and seeing as how reliant I have become on the dremel, I decided to order replacements.

I did not sign in to my Amazon account, but I did do a few searches, mostly to see a picture of my dremel and figure out its part number in order to order the correct brushes.

I had previously  posted here how I had been ordering more things from Ebay, as I no longer had a prime account, and Ebay often had better prices, and free fast shipping, with no minimum order amount in order to get that free shipping.

I ordered 3 sets of brushes via Ebay from a seller in Thailand about 1 Am my time, as I don't need them quickly and they were inexpensive.

The next day, or perhaps the day after, there is the Amazon Prime truck dropping off a package at my address. I know for a fact that the property owner would never order anything from Amazon, so I had a look and there was my name on the Amazon prime envelope, spelled slightly wrong, and when i opened the package, 3 sets of Dremel  brushes and a tiny hand scissored slip of paper saying ' a gift from Amazon' and nothing else.

I was like WTF, but then figured the Ebay seller was also an Amazon seller,  and just used the Amazon envelope, and the stock was not in Thailand as said but perhaps in SoCal  or somewhere realtively nearby the whole time.

2or 3 days later I get a Notice from the Ebay seller, saying my package has been shipped from Thailand, and I can expect it in 3 to 5 weeks.

So Amazon, without me having Signed in to my account, knew what I was searching for.   I am using a neighbors Wifi, which is not my mailing address, and she orders stuff from amazon all the time, but they knew it was me at the address across the street from her IP address,  searching for Dremel and  that model's Brushes.

Did they seem my post here on this forum saying I was ordering more stuff from ebay as it was cheaper and faster free shipping and wanted to influence me back?

I don't know about youse guys, but I do not really enjoy targeted advertising, or being tracked, and this freaks me out a bit.  
I know its really out of my control, but this is pretty Bizarre.

It would have been extremely convenient if My attempts at reshaping brushes had failed, and new ones showed up so quickly, and I do appreciate a basically free 10$ gift.  Perhaps it was even a higher value, as I definitely chose the cheapest slow option on Ebay I could find as i was in no rush, since my modified Brushes were working great, so far.

I'm kind of scared to even search for the value of the  brushes on Amazon now because,
 they are tracking me mannnnnn.

Anybody ever have anything like this happen to them?

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  Two day charging cycle rather than one day?
Posted by: Roadtripp - 03-31-2020, 10:54 AM - Forum: Solar/Electrical - Replies (11)

What would the advantages and disadvantages of splitting the house battery bank in half and using one for a day while charging the other be? Might this configuration serve to reach “full charge” more often on the battery not in use while using the available solar power more efficiently? 
 If, for example, a 200ah battery is split into two 100ah batteries and only one of them in use at a time. Let’s say the original 200ah battery was intended to be discharged to 75% would the replacement 100ah battery in use be discharged to 50%? While the other charging 100ah battery is being charged to 100%. 
 Would this be practical for vandwelling? Would the afternoon sunshine be utilized more by the charging battery. More amps charging in the afternoon? Maybe a 1,2, both, off switch would make it easy to switch between the batteries? 
 Maybe the each battery could be the starting battery one day and the house battery the next? Hmmm...maybe that wouldn’t work well. Anyhow it’s a interesting thought. 
 Is anyone already testing this strategy?. Ralph Heisey of Bogart Engineering is but Ive not seen the results. I wondered about this idea a year ago then stumbled on a letter he wrote to Home Power magazine stating he is testing the idea. 
Is this ain’t right.

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  Face mask option .02
Posted by: Matlock - 03-30-2020, 08:31 PM - Forum: YARC - Replies (24)

Pretty sure this works, too.


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  Trailer remake
Posted by: Snikwahjm - 03-29-2020, 06:54 AM - Forum: Recreational - No Replies

An old carnival trailer made into a home.

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  TFTD : Video Edition
Posted by: rvpopeye - 03-29-2020, 06:01 AM - Forum: YARC - Replies (8)


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  Here is a museum that I would find interesting.
Posted by: BCGuy - 03-27-2020, 04:57 PM - Forum: Oregon - Replies (1)

Thunder Eggs   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=moekCnFjlX0

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  Can you tolerate a few laughs?
Posted by: CatPerson - 03-26-2020, 06:05 PM - Forum: Chit-Chat and Off Topic - Replies (3)

Some of the news sites are trying to lighten the mood...

Google "funniest coronavirus tweets and memes" --- there ought to be a few grins there for you.

This, too, shall pass.

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  Home now
Posted by: Cammalu - 03-26-2020, 12:58 PM - Forum: Chit-Chat and Off Topic - Replies (5)

We are beat and home in Kentucky. Immediately nothing went right. I had an awful time trying to get parked as the ground is saturated

We had to change the plan and park in the driveway and will have to move a lot of dirt and gravel around and build a retaining wall then get a jillion loads of gravel and then cement the whole top.

We are expecting Doug and Pauline and had to park in the spot we were going to put them in. It’s ok, lots of room to move things around.

John went down to the pond to check things out and brought some feed with him. He just texted me this photo. Evidently his friends have been waiting on him. You can see the fish swimming behind the turtle. Don’t know if John has that one named.

[Image: c037ea35f73f5f84926562d2206d5142.jpg]

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