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  "50 something truck and trailer
Posted by: S Cello - 32 minutes ago - Forum: Found on Craigslist and other places - No Replies

I saw this set-up for sale down the road in Wofford Heights, CA.

[Image: IMG-0491.jpg]

[Image: IMG-0492.jpg]

[Image: IMG-0493.jpg]

[Image: IMG-0494.jpg]

The truck and trailer looked like they were just off the showroom floor. Sorry the photos aren't great, but both were locked.  The truck has a 350 Chevy motor and automatic tranny.
If I had $25,000 laying around, I'd probably buy the package. Somebody spent a fortune and a lot of hours restoring these.

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  Help with lithium external bms and battery voltage options
Posted by: Roadtripp - Yesterday, 11:28 AM - Forum: Solar/Electrical - Replies (4)

Interesting debates going around regarding battery chemistries. Two complicate matters which I seem to be good at doing I have two oddball chemistries: Nickel manganese cobalt ( I think that’s what Nissan Leaf Generstion 2 batteries are) and lead calcium ( I think that’s what my ex-telecom ups batteries are). I’m going to a expensive battery university: Unfortunately the lead acid batteries weight broke the leaf springs and dented the frame of my cargo trailer. Actually that’s ad hominem red herring as I’m the one that drove the trailer through the two foot deep hole. Maybe the springs would have cracked without the lead in the trailer. 
 I have not tried the Leaf Lion batteries yet so cannot speak from direct experience. They are not installed yet as a frost free battery compartment is another complication. I did find a very interesting made-in-Europe external bms (battery management system) and ran it by a battery engineer. He said the connectors are not his favorite type but the electronics design and specs look good at a glance. It can be set up for around $500 rather than $1000-$1500 for the other domestically made external bms systems. I have not purchased it. Still sitting on the fence. 
 Now I’m looking for a 1000 lb heated safe to put the Lion batteries in. Just joking! I am trying to save weight and wear and tear. My point is I still have battery worries. I definitely see why the drop in replacement Lithium batteries are desired by many. They have internal bms and the voltage matches the inverter voltages and 12 volt, 24 volt, or 48 volt system. 
 So to the voltage question: Leaf Lion battery modules make a 12.8- 16 volt battery, a 26.6- 32 volt battery, or a 53.2- 64 volt Leaf Lion battery pack. The modules make a good 48 volt battery pack. But I have a 12 volt inverter or a 24 volt inverter I can use. And a 24 volt system all built in the cargo trailer with 1150 watts of solar connected to the lead acid UPS batteries. A good used Victron 48 volt inverter has eluded me. I could skip one cell at the end of each string of Leaf modules and leave the string end cells disconnected. That would make a 22.2- 28 volt battery which is a good voltage for a 24 volt inverter. But the end cells would be wasted. Separating these cells looks very tricky on these Leaf modules. If I could separate them I could use the extras for a starting battery or ?  I have not found much information yet about separating them. 
  Another complication: Can I place my lead acid batteries in parallel with the Lithium??? How is that done.  Id like to rebuild my trailer stronger than stock and taller for boondocking. Most cargo trailers are low and best for highway use. It could easily carry the extra weight as long as I dont drive through any more deep holes. 
 If anyone has any thoughts on the bms and voltage options Im all ears. I suppose selling the  Victron Energy 24 volt inverter and buying a new 48 volt inverter solves the voltage issue. But it’s $1800 for a new Victron Multiplus 48 volt inverter that would work with my Victron control panel. One advantage I’ve heard about these particular Multiplus inverters is they have a remote on off switch connector that a bms can connect to. The inverter and charger can be turned on and off by the external bms. That’s why I’ve been looking for this particular model but have not found a good used one. 
 If I can get this system working “properly” it would be great for running the tools I carry in the trailer and doing van builds. 


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  Posting for Snik
Posted by: Cammalu - 08-20-2019, 01:10 PM - Forum: Builds,Modifications and Restorations - Replies (22)

She wants to know if these D rings can go where the buttons are on the van

[Image: 8330e33b55859f09a2e93212dd18db94.jpg]
[Image: 5e1ec73cc520899ebab624ef22e6fc6e.jpg]

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  people suck
Posted by: Kyz - 08-19-2019, 06:35 PM - Forum: Chit-Chat and Off Topic - Replies (12)


Really, some people do. Here's my pet peeves about using marketplace (or whatever) to get rid of items...

1. The no shows (grrr wasting my time really get me irritated).
2. The people who get ugly because they think there's a line and they got there first. Then they try to admonish you when you tell them it's already sold (more than likely 2 or more days ago!).

OK, that's all (for now).  Angel

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  Battleborn batteries
Posted by: Blacktank - 08-18-2019, 09:29 PM - Forum: Solar/Electrical - Replies (8)

first,they are crazy expensive,not seeing how you would get your money out of a $950 100 amp hour battery

second,seem every other utuber has some,up to 6 for one guy,must have the same marketing company as renogy,give away stuff to people who dont know the difference and they say how great they are

noticed this with those jackery 25ah battery packs for like $500 too

just wanted folks to know that for the price of one battleborn you can build a pretty nice complete system that should last you years,my current minimalist system that runs lights,laptop,radio,water pump and two fans cost $290 plus wire,need more solar panel though

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  YARC Camp
Posted by: Cammalu - 08-18-2019, 07:17 AM - Forum: Chit-Chat and Off Topic - Replies (20)

Doug, I’ve been thinking about the shower set up. Do you think we could either do it out of PVC or even put up some kind of tent for it this year so it doesn’t stand out so much?

If enough of us have things they want to store for the rest of the year I was thinking about getting a group storage in Quartzsite for our stash. Or it might be cheaper in the surrounding communities.

Any input?

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  Scanning old photos
Posted by: Kyz - 08-17-2019, 06:55 AM - Forum: Down sizing and Getting ready - Replies (5)

Whew! I think I've completed this task. I've been scanning old photos for 2 days now, but gathering them up for months. I sorted through each photo, weeded out duplicates, and tossed bad/too dark photos. I ended up scanning more than 700 photos. (I've taken digital only photos for years, but these were when my children were smaller.) Once scanned, the photos went into the trash. Lots of clutter gone. I really wish I'd done this sooner--many of the photos were damaged. But OTOH, today's technology (a scanning wand) made it much easier/faster.

Tips for anyone else needing to do the same... 

Assuming you use a scanner that is a wand like I did, keep the glass from a couple picture frames and place the photos you need to scan under the glass. This lets the scanner slide right over the top of the photos without snagging. I was also able to put 2 or more pictures under the glass. 

Sort the pictures first. Separate different sizes and landscape/portrait into different piles. It makes the process move a little faster.

Use a counter top or high table if you can. I have a stainless steel table that was the perfect height. It allowed me to move and turn to grab what I needed in a small space. 

Have a trash can close! But don't forget to verify everything scanned ok before completely throwing everything away!!  Angel

Save to more than one location. I have them saved on my laptop and an external hard drive. I plan to make copies for my daughters too.

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  Heat reduction through windows.
Posted by: sternwake - 08-16-2019, 12:25 PM - Forum: Other Systems - Replies (9)

I wanted a product that I could put on my front passenger door's window temporarily, to keep my dog from being easily seen while I surf or shop, but which allowed her to easily look out, as she enjoys having a view as much or more than any human.

This stuff fit the bill and I ordered it:

At first I tried it on my rear door pop out windows, which I have previously tinted with adhesive lined regular auto parts store tint.  From the outside looking in, the one way mirror tint made little  visual difference.  Looked slightly darker behind it, and only slightly more reflective.  Inside it the window without the second layer of tint was letting in significantly more heat from the sun beating on the window.

I wound up doing both side windows and had a few pieces left over for doing the passenger side front door window below my fan shroud.  With my reflectix window shades in windshield and opposite window, it is nearly impossible to see inside.

Mission accomplished.

This tint can easily be pulled off, and I would peel it off and stick it on one of the rear windows for a triple layer of tint, and once again the amount of heat that would come through and radiate off that window with sunlight striking it was again reduced.

As for applying the tint, it is much easier than the adhesive backed tint which takes on a permanent crease, if creased.   I was using a spray bottle and a squeegee and a razor and found it to be far easier to apply  than any other tint I ever tried installing before.

Just make sure the interior of the window is super clean before trying.  I used a razor blade scraper and car wax, exterior too so I could see any smudges better.

So I ordered more of this stuff, in order to do the smoked conversion van windows.  The 17 inch width is perfect for mine, above the sliding portions which open.  I did the passenger side and again from the outside it is very difficult to discern any difference. It is only slightly mirror like, but the interior appears darker and harder to see inside.  The sun was on the other side of the van so i did not get to measure any temperature difference.

The next day i did the drivers side read conversion van window, and found I did not have enough tint to do the whole window.  but with the potentially temporary nature of this tint I installed it anyway, with low afternoon sun beating on that window.

After application, the direct sunlight hitting the base of the bed on the opposite side of the van, read 94.4 degrees where the extra tint was not, and 80f where it was.  That is a rather huge difference.  Simply placing my hand a few inches from the window the portion without the extra tint was radiating much more heat to my palm compared to the portion with the extra tint.

The next day, after my blackout panels were back in place, I again measured the heat where the extra tint was vs where it was not, and found 5 to 6 degrees difference.  My blackout panels are 2 layers of dual layered cardboard in 3 pieces which fit inside the window frame tightly.  The exterior is black construction paper, which quickly turned purple but which I later painted flat black with g high temp grille paint. The inside if my former curtains adhered to the inside.

So these black out panels do also insulate to some degree, but are pressed tightly up against the window.  The reflective mirror surface has less emissivity and even with NO dead air space, as one reads about on the other site concerning reflectix, this super thin window tint was still significantly reducing the heat making it inside.

This window tint is hardly impressive from a clarity perspective, especially when looking out the window on a diagonal.  Pretty much a non factor for me.

This window tint does attenuate WIFI signals.  I get my wifi signal when parked in my spot through the back of my van and I moved one side  window with this tint to the back and tested signal strength between the two windows, one with and one without and lost 2 bars of signal strength.   I cannot measure any degree of continuity with my digital multimeter leads on this tint, I am not sure why or how it is attenuating the wifi signal, I can only say it most certainly does.  So I am not applying it to those back windows even though they would benefit from the reduced heat entry as they are facing south often.

Anyway, just wanted to share the product.  I'm impressed with the heat reduction on the windows it is placed upon, and its adhesive free, static cling easy to remove easy to apply nature is a great bonus.  It will not win any awards for clarity looking out of it, but Fiona does not mind.  Since people can no longer make eye contact with her, she makes much less noise when I am out surfing, or shopping, drawing less attention to my van and herself and this is a huge piece of mind.

I was also driving west through  Arizona and New Mexico in march. The sun was baking my left arm through the glass. While driving I stuck this to the window and instantly my arm stopped baking.

I am ordering more to completely cover the remaining portions of my conversion van windows, which have been, by far, the biggest sources of heat when sunlight is directly upon them.  I might even make some to fit my drivers side front side window even though it it illegal to drive with it up.  Since it can so easily be removed and reapplied I could have it so Fiona can look out both sides of the van when I surf, or get groceries.  Even if I choose to put my reflectix window panels in place behind it there will still be heat reduction.  Even if it is the shady side of the van, often the car parked next to me will reflect some heat into the window, which this tint can then reflect.

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  picking resident state
Posted by: Kyz - 08-15-2019, 07:17 AM - Forum: Down sizing and Getting ready - Replies (14)

So... I'm currently a Missouri resident (for another month at least). For tax purposes, I'm hoping to only declare Missouri as my state of residence for this year. I pay personal property taxes on home and vehicle here. 

I'm moving to Louisiana, won't be buying a home, but will be buying an RV soon as possible. I will be traveling as soon as possible, but Louisiana will be home base unless my Mom's miracle is answered and they sell their house (they are mid-70s).

I'm debating trying to become a Texas resident instead, BUT by the time I pay for something like Escapes, their mail service, and having mail forwarded--how much am I really saving?

My main concern (I think) is state income taxes on my retirement.

It will be much easier to establish residency in Louisiana, but at the same time, I'd like to avoid using my parent's mailing address as much as possible. I got a P.O. box nearby but I know that won't work for establishing residency.

Thoughts? Comments?

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  This came across my sisters Facebook page today....
Posted by: Cammalu - 08-15-2019, 05:13 AM - Forum: YARC - Replies (5)

[Image: e5989131c2b9049c0b365f6e22fdfc06.jpg]

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