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  Not A Knock
Posted by: GypsyDogs - 10-25-2023, 05:19 AM - Forum: Other Topics - No Replies

I had a not-sma-knock/ not traffic-stop stop

Got to work.. a few minutes early.. was chilling in the driver’s seat.. and see moving light behind the van.. “weird..”
Suddenly- there is a cop at the passenger side window with flashlight.. ‘roll down!’
Me ‘can’t’ and I Slowly open driver door .  Exit vehicle left hand on thigh.. right hand on door strap- plain view. (Partly to be polite and partly because I have pointy deterrents easily in reach from the driver’s seat)
I was a bit confused as to why he was there..
He explained that I was going strangely slow up the road (half a block until my turn…)—(I grinned and looked at my van)
And he smirked a little then said he was concerned that I was having vehicle problems..then he saw me back into the space in the back of the lot and thought I was homeless and maybe needed community resources.
THEN he saw the line of matching vehicles that all say “may contain radioactive materials “ and really wondered what the heck I was doing..
He was also confused- as it is 0045.. and there are people in the building doing stuff..
I explained that I work there, it is a nuclear pharmacy and I could easily show him my company gas card with my name on it.
At which point he relaxed and I moved my hand from the door strap (.. because 2 knives easily within reach.. so me not move till cop relax.. lol)
I asked him if he could wanted to see a pic of the inside of the lab.. he did.. we chatted a couple minutes about nothing, I wished him a safe and uneventful shift.. and away he went.  Lol
Nice guy.

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  12V RV refrigerators
Posted by: Kendrick - 10-24-2023, 08:56 AM - Forum: Refrigeration - Replies (5)

I did a little research on the 12v refrigerator for rv and see this as a huge improvement. The the two big advantages over propane / electric absorption refrigerators are safety and cooling effectiveness.
Great for people that are plugged into electric of have ample solar power.
My next trailer will have a 12v RV refrigerator.
Anyone have one of these now? How do you like it?

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  So it begins...... Battery spot welder
Posted by: sternwake - 10-17-2023, 09:41 PM - Forum: Sternwake's Corner - Replies (85)

Or 18650's

I'm nearly there.

Anyone else?

I've got an E skateboard ordered.
Cheapo starter unit. 
106$ delivered.
'en route'
. 350 watt motor. 
24v,2200mah battery
10mph/16kph claimed max speed.
 8 mile claimed range 
*For 1, 170Lb/77 KG rider.

quote unquote har har.....


It will however fit in the interior  Dry hatch of my used, but newly acquired, Sit on top Kayak.

There is a private,
 riff raff free,
 before me, 

Kayak launch
 A mile away, paved roads.
Inter coastal waterway. 
design and build kayak trolley, pull with E Skate, bobs your uncle.

I expect theEskate Eprovided  battery pack to use marginal quality  low capacity Medium CDR 
, poorly matched 18650 Cells.

I expect little care was used to assemble them.
I expect the power supply/'charger' to deliver a questionable max  charge voltage .

I suspect the BMS is inaccurate and easily fooled, and not really safe.

I suspect I can greatly improve the battery, and increase range via higher capacity  high quality cells , High CDR cells which can deliver higher voltage, for longer.

I expect  Electronic speed control  and electric motor Heatsinking, and wiring resistance  from and to, can be vastly improved

I could very well be wrong.

I have not been researching  trolling motors, or 'thrusters' and have no intentions of forcing a displacement hull, to plane.

But maximum displacement speed might be around 12mph, with 8mph achieved, using 1/4 the power. I think I can hold 2.5 to 3.5mph on paddle power alone.
  Up until  4 weeks ago ive never even  paddled a kayak, but it felt so natural and easy, and fast,  i Bought it from my cousin.

But thrusters no importa pronto.

I just want a longer, larger paddle for now, as The one which came with my kayak, never expected a Neanderthal and his  Nutjob sheepdog to become the region's most avid Cormorant hunters.  

The Paddle is too short, and too small.
Too much motor, too little prop.

That's what she said!

Well, Cormorants, gulls, pelicans, get  vigorously barked at, not really hunted..
Ospreys, she is mute.
It is extremely therapeutic.  Till it is not.
Fine Line.

After I become hoarse from barking, 
Fiona carries on, and on, and on.
please shut up!!!!!

Bonding traction pads to polypropylene is the first obstacle.
woof woof!

No bull sharks here.

Thin Sapele platform  perch grid, fore and aft, me thinks.
all hail pad eyes and attachment points

The kayak has so much wasted space inside.....
So much that js   currently  inaccessable, till the  waTerproof hatches and fishing pole holders

Im as keen to buildout the KaYak, as I waS for my van.

I can fit several Surfboads in the ceiling of my van unobtrusively, but the single Kayak just refuses to  comfortably  comply , so far.
On top will destroy solar Harvest.

Oh well, Van ain't registered,  nor insured yet, anyway.
72 miles since  JaNuary, Zero miles since May.

But the paperwork to do so is in hand.
But My DMV gumption, is lacking.

Anyway, this project joins many others, but this project's completion has mental and physical  health ramifications unlike the others, and I made Fiona a promise when I Adopted her that I intend to keep.
she loves it.
once a week is Six times too few.

 Just beginning to shop battery spot welders. 
I'm a ways  away from actually ordering anything else.


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  What say you?
Posted by: Kyz - 10-11-2023, 10:41 AM - Forum: Recreational - Replies (19)


Does this picture look like there is possible delamination on this RV? TIA!

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  TiRES ! Everyone’s Favorite topic- not
Posted by: GypsyDogs - 09-29-2023, 11:19 PM - Forum: Other - Replies (5)

Balancing performance and budget.. 
getting tired of researching and cringing..

Getting Tired ain’t easy… lol

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  A bad apple
Posted by: sternwake - 09-01-2023, 08:23 PM - Forum: Sternwake's Corner - Replies (2)

81 year young Dad flew west.
The van was loaded. Ready.

 A 5 year old Fiona had her perch relocated to rear captain's chair armrests, and she was pringle trained to mount it on command.

Zig zag,  North south, east west. 2200 plus miles added to the regukar 2600 mile door to door distance. National park to park. I'd seen many before, dad had not.

Middle of Utah, sun is getting low. Gotta stop for the night, somewhere..

Next town, dad states. 
First  fown, stop...

No Dogs allowed!

Try spot x they said.

Young crew working desk, one in training, friendly.  Fiona a big hit.
Few whose shift was ending. You got beer? well, we got whisky....

Said there are some apples over there, to feed the horse on east fence in the morning.

I was sent for food at the only place serving food, a gas station single employee subway.

Came back with food,  and hard of hearing dad said do NOT eat the apples!

Next morning I  took Fiona's ball, and an apple, outside in the subfreezing windy elevations.

After about 20 ball throws in the parking lot we wandered over to east fence and the horse met us there.

Fiona was silent , and sat at my side, as i pulled the apple from my pocket and offered it, sticking my hand over the fence.

The horse sniffed it, then  ignored it, stuck her head over the fence  and lowered it to Fiona's nose, and they just stayed that way for a few seconds.

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  The Aye storm
Posted by: sternwake - 08-27-2023, 08:57 PM - Forum: Sternwake's Corner - Replies (14)


That was the Ian forecast, last year.  I was in San Diego stressing, as my parents were right near that Big ugly M on the coastline, indicating major hurricane.

Ian took a hard right and smeared the coasline a  dozen miles south instead.  power out for a few days, the  5 year old 8' tall back fence was pushed 18" outta plum.
 lucked out.

Irma in 2017 looked to strafe the west coast of Florida  It took out that same fence.

Now Idalia is spinning up, the predicted path  is moving back this way, and the NHC is saying things like
The new prediction now shows a 95-kt hurricane over
the eastern Gulf of Mexico at 48 hours, but it should be stressed
that additional strengthening to major hurricane strength is
becoming increasingly likely before Idalia reaches the Gulf coast
of Florida."

Somewhere is likely to get smeared.
the official NHC cone is north of here.

Should be an interesting few days.

i just finished levering the leaning fence upright, but watch the south winds lay it over the other way now. or try to.

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  bluetooth module damage
Posted by: nicklee - 08-24-2023, 02:57 AM - Forum: Solar/Electrical Sparky Camp - Replies (3)

My renogy bluetooth battery could not connect to dc home app. could not find the device. I open the top up and found that bluetooth module is corroded with salt and water, I guess. could not find the replacement part. The battery still charge and discharge but there is no way I can monitor except with voltmeter. Any advice? I prefer reestablishing bluetooth capability.

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  Can I do all of this to my exterior?
Posted by: iamchrisstone - 08-18-2023, 11:39 AM - Forum: Other Topics - Replies (5)

I wanted to post a quick video of our future plans for the exterior of our van. I'm not sure if all of this can be done. I'm hoping that some of you have experience and can help advise me.

[video removed by admin]
User was only here to promote videos, not participate.

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  Battery box
Posted by: nicklee - 08-15-2023, 03:07 AM - Forum: Solar/Electrical Sparky Camp - Replies (1)

I have 2x100Ah renogy batteries currently in 2 separate battery boxes. I’d like to get them both in one box, has anyone used any good boxes suitable for 2 batteries?

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