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  Washington, Oregon and California
Posted by: BCGuy - 10 hours ago - Forum: State by State - No Replies

Scroll down.
I think it could use a bit of optimization, but it does group data in one place if you are going south (or north).

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  Solar Components in NW WA
Posted by: Roadtripp - 12-08-2019, 04:05 AM - Forum: Member buy,sell and trade - Replies (2)

My landlord and I have solar, wind, and microhydro energy projects and we have some Canadian Solar 285 and 325 watt panels around for 75cents per watt. And some smaller panels. 120 watt, and I’d need to check what else. Also have random other components; charge controller, inverter, hardware, etc, to make a powerful system for a reasonable cost so contact me if you would like to discuss a energy system. Thanks

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  Intro AGAIN!
Posted by: minddroool - 12-07-2019, 04:20 AM - Forum: Welcome Center - Replies (4)

Hi everyone.. I have been floating around in here while I can hunted.... I found Her! Audscious Ripple.... 1990 Dodge Rosdtrek.. needs some work can't wait to be on the road!!!! Mega fun!!!! Hi everyone!!![Image: b68f245a887d515c4ed2d44aa3579593.jpg]

Sent from my moto z3 using Tapatalk

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  Tenergy Watt Meter
Posted by: Wayne49 - 12-06-2019, 02:12 PM - Forum: Solar/Electrical - Replies (5)

I posted this on an existing thread where the Tenergy meter was referenced.

I purchased a Tenergy High Precision RC Watt Meter & Power Analyzer with Backlight LCD #01446.
I am using it to track the charge coming from the solar charger. Example #2 in the instruction manual, see attached image.

I made the connections at night.

Come morning I find the controller/charger is inactive.

I connected with powerpoles and verified the powerpoles are good through the meter with VOM, near zero ohms.
I verified the current flows when the meter is not in loop.

When the meter is in place the solar charger does not pass any charge.
Remove the meter and the charger applied charge to the batteries.

Charger is a Renogy Commander 40amp.

The wiring diagram for this application shows "plug - plug jumper wires" between the meter and the battery. I am not sure what that is about.

I think that doesn't apply when using powperpoles.

Connections are red (+) to red (+) and black (-) to black (-) at both ends.

I purchased two meters. I haven't installed powerpoles on the second meter. I could do that to check if the first meter is defective.

Any ideas? I don't see anything in the instructions about having to do any programming on the meter.

Thanks in advance .

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Posted by: Barnstormer - 12-06-2019, 10:38 AM - Forum: Welcome Center - Replies (23)

Hi all. Seems like a friendly bunch so far. Don't know where I'm going but the drive there is great!

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  Boondocking Bash in Dome Rock
Posted by: Cammalu - 12-05-2019, 09:21 PM - Forum: Chit-Chat and Off Topic - Replies (8)

Several of us headed over to the Boondocking Bash just on the other side of Quartzsite for a few days. I think there are about 200-300 rigs maybe of all kinds.

It’s a BIG party with lots of activities. When night falls the music starts and you can hear it from FAR away thanks to Putts who has orchestrated it all. Quite a job he’s done!

I don’t know where they are headed to next but I know there will be a desert clean up in Ehrenberg I think next month but I’m not sure of the dates. Should be fun.

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  Whats your recommended 12v auto battery charger?
Posted by: TWIH - 12-05-2019, 05:54 PM - Forum: Solar/Electrical - Replies (33)

Hi all,

Since I’m not “sold” on my craptastic HF Centek 10/2 battery charger (as far as it’s quality level) I thought I’d poll you all to see what you use or would like to have.

I’m not pleased that I cannot find any documentation/information on the stages and voltages, as well as the way the microprocessor (if it even has them) works. I can’t even tell you anything about how it determines the battery SOC etc. In short, it’s just hope that the dumb thing puts anything much of a charge into the (starting) battery.  

I also realize that the 10 amp is seriously underpowered for a dual golf cart house setup, as even a 10% of capacity charge rate would call for about a 21+ amp unit. On 2 amp it could take days to do anything...

So anyone have ideas?  I have read about SW not being happy with the voltage swings out of his Schumacher, and I am aware that at the price point that most of these big box store 12v units are at, a buyer won’t get much quality.


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  How old is your shampoo??
Posted by: GypsyDogs - 12-04-2019, 01:45 PM - Forum: Pets - Replies (17)

As someone who bathes their dogs infrequently. Let me share my (expensive) experience. 
Washed the kids on Sat afternoon. By Monday, K'ne was having a weird PAIN reaction to being petted. I had no idea what was going on. Went into observation mode. Next day, discovered crusty buildup around hair follicles. Aw Crap
Apparently my shampoo had "spoiled" and caused an excruciatingly painful Raging Staph Infection of their skin. Yes, both dogs showing symptoms by late Tuesday. In to vet soonest- today. Pain meds and antibiotics should clear it up, but it could have been avoided. 
From now on, if I cannot readily remember purchasing a shampoo- it gets tossed and replaced.

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  1990 Dodge Roadtrek
Posted by: minddroool - 12-04-2019, 04:40 AM - Forum: Recreational - Replies (51)

I got a van comfortable, needs work, drives as it sits, first trip almost 400 miles, high miles, but sheltered for the age, relatively, looked at many I would never have bought... LoL.... I will be back when I recover

Sent from my moto z3 using Tapatalk

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  Buying Glasses & Contacts -- It's the Law
Posted by: CatPerson - 12-03-2019, 09:20 PM - Forum: Chit-Chat and Off Topic - Replies (7)

I'm putting this here because most of the people who live in their vans, RVs and trailers often don't have enough money to pay $600 for a pair or glasses.

My sister went to an eye doctor for new glasses because it had been several years since her current pair was new, and she was having trouble reading street signs.  He did the exam, and told her she had a cataract in one eye.  He said it shouldn't be removed until it was worse (maybe a couple of years from now), but he also wouldn't order new glasses!  This sounded so weird that I started looking around online.

I never knew there was a FEDERAL LAW that said when an eye doctor (optometrist, opthalmologist, etc) did an eye exam, he MUST give you a prescription for what you need.  You can let him provide the glasses or contacts, or you can walk out with just the written prescription and shop around.

Everything below is from the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) article at

Consumer.ftc.gov     This article was titled "Prescription Glasses and Contact Lenses". I just copied some pertinent bits, none of it is my personal opinion.

""The FTC enforces that Eyeglass Rule and Contact Lens Rule, which gives you the right to get a prescription from your eye doctor -- whether you ask for it or not -- at no extra charge. 

"Your eye doctor must give you your eyeglass prescription after your exam.  It's the law.

"The doctor can't require you to pay an extra fee, buy eyeglasses or contact lenses, or sign a waiver or form.

"You don't have to buy eyeglasses or contacts from your eye doctor.

"You can use the prescription to buy glasses or contacts wherever they are sold -- from an eye doctor, from a store, or online.

"Costs, quality and styles can vary froms to seller.

"What you should see on your prescription:
* Your name.
* Date of the exam.
* When the prescription was issued and when it expires.
* Name, address (street address & mail address), phone number, and fax number of the eye care professional."

Please read the article in its entirety.  I'm sorry I can't put the direct link, but I don't know how to do that on my phone.

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