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  Good priced larger 12v fridg
Posted by: TWIH - Yesterday, 07:43 AM - Forum: Refrigeration - Replies (7)

On Amazon, has a chinese knockoff of the Danfoss compressor per reviews, also 70 recent reviews at 4.5 stars:
Costway 54 Quart Portable Refrigerator/Freezer Compact Vehicle Car Mini Fridge Electric Cooler for Truck Party, Travel, Picnic Outdoor, Camping(-4°F to 50°F)(Black and Grey)

4.5 out of 5 stars    70 customer reviews
47 answered questions

I don’t have one, or work for Costway but would gladly “long term test” one if I was sent one, hint hint.

$379.99 FREE Shipping

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  Apparently Vegemite has become the new thing in electrical current conduction
Posted by: SheDevil - Yesterday, 07:16 AM - Forum: Chit-Chat and Off Topic - Replies (10)

I love vegemite, I love it's texture, taste and nutritional value of all the B group vitamins. But this article is weired.

Electronic engineer finds a bizarre new use for Vegemite - and it's got nothing to do with eating it


Brett Lackey 

[Image: BBQKxEX.img?h=361&w=270&m=6&q=60&o=f&l=f]© Provided by Associated Newspapers Limited An electronic engineer has found a bizarre new use for Vegemite that has nothing to do with eating the famous Australian spread 
An electronic engineer has found a bizarre new use for Vegemite that has nothing to do with eating the famous Australian spread.

Opinion on the taste of the salt-loaded condiment is divided but now its value to science is undeniable with it being used to power a light board.

Luke Weston posted to Twitter an image of a piece of toast used as a makeshift circuit board with lines of vegemite being used for the circuits.
[Image: BBQKrGH.img?h=400&w=244&m=6&q=60&o=f&l=f]© Provided by Associated Newspapers Limited
Each line of Vegemite was carefully syringed onto the toast and connects to a 9v battery at one end and a different lead on the LED at the other end.

In a setup that McGuyver would be proud of, depending on which circuit is powered the LED will light up either red, blue, or green.

Some commenters wondered if the spread was genuine Vegemite.

'Wait, is that… Marmite?' one commenter said.

'Vegemite (kinda like Marmite but better at cricket),' replied Mr Weston.
[Image: BBQKh9N.img?h=400&w=244&m=6&q=60&o=f&l=f]© Provided by Associated Newspapers Limited
According to Gizmodo, the high salt content of Vegemite means it can conduct an electrical current.

The breakfast staple also has high viscosity meaning it is easily able to be used to trace the circuit patterns and then hold their shape.

The bread also makes the perfect circuit board with almost all the water being dried out during the toasting. 

[Image: BBQKxF3.img?h=444&w=634&m=6&q=60&o=f&l=f]

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  Pity Party
Posted by: SheDevil - Yesterday, 05:29 AM - Forum: Heart to Heart Talk - Replies (15)

It really sucks being old not so much the aging process initsself but more so the injuries sustained whilst young. Woke up this morining in so much pain my lower back is killing me, so is the arthritis, carple tunel, rsi and the rest. The worst part is that i'm not allowed to take anything for the pain which means no pain killers or medication of any sort, else i'll end up having a bleeding ulcer. I've been told many a time by the expert doctors that i should move to a warmer climate and i was in the process of doing just that but love got in the way and common sense and logic took a back seat. I need to be in a warmer climate for my overall health and wellbeing and need to be around my own doctors and medical experts. But i can't go back home just yet as all my hard earned savings is tied up in the U.S. and in the rentals. Last winter wasn't so bad as we wern't here so it didn't affect me much but this year winter is brutal and killing me. Ron is not fairing too well either as he too is ailing through his own injuries and the remodel work seems so long, tedious and never ending. Then there's the added stress of trying to sell the homes so as to try and get most of my money back so as to buy a place back home in A.U.

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  newbie & Fawkes, rising from ashes
Posted by: Kaylee - 12-09-2018, 10:10 PM - Forum: Travel Log - Replies (3)

Somewhere in Washington state, probably on the Snake River:
[Image: fawkes_snakeriver_01b.jpg]

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  Energy Saving Quick Tip
Posted by: WanderingCanuck - 12-09-2018, 10:41 AM - Forum: Cooking - Replies (9)

Maybe this is obvious to some, maybe not.  As far as I know I came up with this myself, but I doubt I'm the first.

When cooking things that involve heating of water, you can have the water do double duty by using it for more than one thing.

For example:

- Hard boiled (hard cooked) eggs, then use some of the water for tea or coffee and the rest for dishes
- Boil potatoes, then cook some pasta when the potatoes are soft

What other combinations can you come up with to conserve water, fuel or electricity while cooking?

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  Cultural Expressions and Slang Words
Posted by: SheDevil - 12-09-2018, 07:23 AM - Forum: Chit-Chat and Off Topic - Replies (19)

Lets have some fun and write down all the slang words that each culture uses in their everyday lives to describe things, people and items.

Here are a few of the Australian slang words that some Aussies use.

Aussies:- A term of endearment used by Australian for their fellow man.

Aggro:- Aussies use the term for people who are aggressive and show violent behavior. 'Aggro' simply being a shortened form of 'aggressive'.

Carrying on like a pork chop:- Someone who behaves foolishly, makes a fuss, complains or rants.

Chuck a sickie:- It means to take a day off sick from work when you are really just fine.

Happy as Larry:- It means someone who is extremely happy.

Hoon:- The derogatory term is often used for someone who is driving fast and recklessly.

Hard yakka:- A rural slang for hard work.

Happy little Vegemite:- Originating from a 1950s advertising jingle for the spread Vegemite, it means a cheerful person.

Dog’s breakfast:- A metaphor refers to a 'mess'. ‘That’s a bit of a dog’s breakfast, isn’t it?’ It can be used to describe something intangible, such as a personal predicament or poorly-written piece of work, or the visual appearance of something, such as an untidy room.

Dunny:- A toilet, mostly outdoors, but can refer to any sort.

Flat out:- This means being super busy. The phrase is often used by people to describe how supposedly occupied they are.

Full as a goog:- It refers to being very full of food after a big meal. 'Goog' means egg. And an egg is pretty full!

Going off:- Something that’s going extremely well and smooth, e.g., the surf or a party.

Ankle biter:- The phrase is often used to refer to a small child. That is, they are small enough to bite your ankles.

Bangers and mash :- sausage and mash potatoes 

Sanger:- sandwich

Barrack for:- It suggests giving strong support, usually involving passionate slogans and swearing, to a team or a person. ‘Who are you barracking for today?’

Barby:- Pronounced as 'barbi'e, it's a short form for barbecue grill or just a grill.

Bathers:- The swimming costume which is also referred as togs or cossie.

Bludger:- It's often a term for a person who makes little effort and readily exploits the system of unemployment benefits.

Bogan:- An Aussie redneck or an uncultured person. They are usually seen in a flanno (flannel shirt), a mullet, can be missing teeth, flaunting homemade tattoos and have an excess of Australia paraphernalia.

Budgie smuggler:- An affectionate nickname for Speedo swimming trunks for men.

Bring a plate:- Not to be taken literally, this means to bring a plate of food to a party. 

Woop Woop:- A way of referring to a tiny town in the middle of nowhere. For example, ‘he lives out Woop Woop’. Similar terms include ‘Boondock’ and ‘out in the sticks’.

Yeew!:- An expression of excitement that usually involves a loud shout. 

Take a "U-ey" or make a "U-ey":- which is to make a U-turn while driving.

Sook:- It means to sulk. If someone calls you a sook, or says you're 'having a sook', it is because they think that you are whining.

Strewth:- The word is often used as an exclamation of shock or surprise.

Tickets on yourself:- Having ‘tickets on yourself’ means to have an exaggerated sense of one’s own importance. It implies that one's self-value is so high they would literally bet money (tickets) on themselves.

Trackie-daks:- This refers to your tracksuit, and not a particularly classy one. ‘Daks’ refers to trousers in general.

Up the duff:- Someone who is pregnant. It usually refers to an unplanned pregnancy.

The lot:- People say this when they mean ‘everything’. A burger with ‘the lot’ typically means the beef patty with beetroot, egg, pineapple, cheese, bacon, onion, tomato and/or tomato sauce.

Spit the dummy:- It is usually referred to someone who throws a fit or gets upset about something. ‘Oh, he's gone and spat the dummy again.’

Macca's:- Pronounced ma-kahs or mackers, it's Australia's beloved nickname for McDonald's.

Rug up:- It means to bundle up to keep warm when it’s cold outside.

Servo:- A short-form of service station, it's a slang term for a petrol or a gas station. 

Shout:- Meaning someone’s turn to buy a round of drinks. It is usually expressed as, “It’s your shout, mate.”

Smoko:- This refers to taking a break for a cigarette, coffee, a biscuit or cup of tea. The term is used often on construction sites. ‘Time for smoko?’

Shrapnel:- It usually refers to Australian coins of low denominations.

Schoolies:- High-school graduates who are often seen partying during a week-long vacation after they have completed their final exams.

Ropeable:- Someone who is very angry or ill-tempered.

Local rag:- This refers to the regional newspaper.

Mate’s rates:- It means getting stuff after a discounted price. For example, work services from a friend.

Mozzies:- Commonly used in spoken language, they refer to mosquitoes.

Muffin top:- A person's skin or body fat that is visible above the waistline because of tight fittings of pants or skirts.

No worries:- An expression which usually means ‘don’t worry about it’ or ‘no problem.’

Pash:- A slang for a passionate kiss.

Pack of galahs:- Galah (an Australian bird) is a slang, synonymous with a fool or an idiot. The expression means a group of idiotic people.

Plonk:- A really terrible or a cheap bottle of wine.

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  Ya Gotta See This
Posted by: Texjbird - 12-09-2018, 04:54 AM - Forum: Found on Craigslist and other places - Replies (4)


1997    E350    Dually    Triton     91,000 orig miles    $12,000    4X4 Quigley    Plus xtra features

Former US governtment radio frequency monitoring/surveillance van.   ORIGINAL PRICE $102,000

Just another white van with stealh capabilities  Cool



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  Santa Sightings
Posted by: rvpopeye - 12-08-2018, 05:51 AM - Forum: YARC - No Replies

This just in ......Santa needs a different angle to get past the border this year........

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  I've done it now. Trigger has been pulled.
Posted by: WanderingCanuck - 12-07-2018, 07:04 PM - Forum: Commercial - Replies (6)

I did it.  When my 2004 GMC Canyon finally kicked the bucket about two weeks ago I decided to buy a full size, high roof cargo van.  It's earlier than I'd have liked, but perhaps if I waited until I was totally ready I'd be dead before I went ahead with it.

I'm still working on getting my house sold, so money is tight but manageable right now.  It does mean that my conversion won't be going full tilt for a few months at least.  I'd like to at least clean and start insulating.  I removed the interior plastic panels and rolled up the rubber/insulation cargo mat tonight.  The mat was a bit stuck to the floor due to frozen moisture.  Definitely a good idea to get that out.  I had considered flooring over it, but figured I should at least take it up and clean.  I'll try to sell the stuff for whatever I can get.

So, for those of you who have gone through this, what would you tell me to calm that tiny little voice that's telling me I've gone completely batty?

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  Hello Folks and Pets
Posted by: Roadtripp - 12-07-2018, 06:03 PM - Forum: Welcome Center - Replies (13)

Hi from the Left Coast not far from Puget Sound or the Salish Sea. Just want to find a nomadic group to get to know. Seems I’m growing feathers and getting flighty. But the rig I hoped to use isn’t ready. Maybe in a few weeks it will be good enough to uproot and go. I’m wondering about where the van builds are?  I’ll have trailer of tools, solar electricity, materials, and look to trade working on vans. Last Winter I was in SW Arizona with my cargo van. My first time as a escapee. Though I’ve had buses and vans in the PNW for a long time. I’m so tall I got a bigger rig now. I’m wondering where I should ask about insuring a shorty cut away van school bus? I had the title changed to RV. Thanks

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