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Posted by: GotSmart - 01-15-2020, 08:26 PM - Forum: YARC - Replies (26)

This year we are going all around and doing things. Seeing new places and trying different things. 

Tucson, Yuma, Bouse, all around this part of the state of Arizona. I am seeing fewer of the old timers but more of the self important you ~tuber~goober.  Angry  the slack jawed holder of the great selfy stick. An item that makes the person touching it a GOD!  The most important person in the universe. Anything that they film is their property!!  By possessing this magic wand they do not have to obey the laws of the roads or show any respect towards others.  Rocks, bushes, trails and campsite do not mean anything to the path of one of these possessed creatures. 

On foot they are bad enough, but have a bicycle or motorized transportation handy.   Confused  Watch out world. They appear out of nowhere. One hand on a bicycle handle bar and the other stretched out in front of them either showing a jumpy picture of where they are going or them about to hit a tree, rock, bystander, or bush, all while trying to say something frightfully cleaver.  

This makes them look extremely silly when I tell them that they do not have my permission to film me. 

Perhaps it is my year to run into so many of them.  Undecided

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  ENKEEO Power Station Save $50.60 at AMAZON
Posted by: Gr8ful - 01-15-2020, 05:25 PM - Forum: Solar/Electrical - Replies (6)

[Image: 41dzbDIA5WL._SL500_SS100_.jpg]

ENKEEO Power Station 155 Wh Portable Charger Lithium Backup Battery Pack 110V 100W Solar Generator (Solar Panel Optional) AC Outlet USB DC Supply for Outdoors Camping, Travel, Fishing, Hunting, Emergency $119.99 Use code RJXQTBMM to save $50.60 off the $119.99 price. [b][b]Power station Specifications[/b]
Battery: Lithium ion batteries
Capacity: 155Wh (14Ah/11.1V); or 42000mAh (3.7V)
DC Input: 15V/2A
Solar Panel Input: 13V~25V/2A Max
Recharging Time:10-11h (DC 15V/2A)
DC Output: 9-12.6V/10A (15A max total)
QC3.0 Output: 5-9V/2A
USB Output: 5V/2.1A (3.1A max)
Dimention: 212 x 92 x 118 mm (L X W X H)
Weight: 1.68kg
[b]Package Includes[/b]
1 x S155 ENKEEO power station
1 x 15V/2A power adapter
1 x Car charger
1 x Cigarette lighter adapter
1 x Cable to transfer MC4 to DC35135
1 x User manual
Model number#: S155

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  10 Great Jobs you won't believe!
Posted by: Gr8ful - 01-15-2020, 01:14 PM - Forum: Other Topics - No Replies


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  The Lifetime warrantied Alternator
Posted by: sternwake - 01-13-2020, 12:56 PM - Forum: The Sternwake files - Replies (12)

In 2004 or 5, back before I knew much of anything regarding batteries and their charging systems, I replaced a failed 90 amp chrysler alternator, with a 120 amp rated one in the same van I drive now.

At that time, I had a dedicated house and engine battery, and only realized that the charging system failed, when my wipers were wiping at half speed, and the turn signals were also blinking much slower. I was keeping them in parallel most of the time, rarely moving the 1/2/both/Off switch. While Dodge provided an Ammeter on the dashboard, the needle only moved about 1/8'th of an inch to the left when cranking the engine and most of the time 1/32 to 1/16" to the right of dead center when charging.  I never noticed it had moved 1/32" to the left of center when the alternator failed.  Useless fucking gauge.

Anyway, back then, I bought a 'Lifetime warranty' 120 amp alternator from Kragen Autoparts, installed it, and I watched that ammeter needle swing higher into the charge side than I ever seen before, for about 2 seconds, then it swung to the discharge side and a drama and learning experience ensued.

I was unaware of the fusible link that was stuffed behind the brake booster.  The newly remanufactured alternator tested fine. I bought a third battery to drive around on while I figured out the issue. I had no plug in charging source nor place to plug in, but thought it was the voltage regulator inside my engine computer.  Long story somewhat shorter some Autoparts electricians dug out the 10 gauge fusible link and replaced it with 14awg and all was again well.  

Remanufactured alternators are known to be very hit or miss with a heavy leaning on the latter, and I used that lifetime warranty no less than 6 times in the ensuing years, perhaps as many as 9 times, the last being in 2015.

3 weeks ago I drove cross country for Xmas, the last 3 hours were through a rainstorm, and then the van sat parked, unstarted unmoved for 3 weeks.  

2 Days ago at night, I was going to my sister's, about 2.5 hour drive away from my parents, and 30 minutes into that drive My Digital voltmeter went from 14.62v and ammeter reading ~6 amps into the battery, to 12.64v and 25 amps leaving the battery.

I turned off the stereo and blower motor and got that down to 21 amps to run engine and headlamps and fans in the back and the fridge.  I asked Fiona to go back and turn off the fridge and fans,  but her lack of opposible thumbs became an issue once again.  When the fridge cycled off the load was about 18.6 amps.

Having a new healthy ~90% charged group 31 Northstar AGM battery, I decided to just keep going without a functioning charging system.  I knew the battery could provide the average 20 amps for 2 more hours of driving.  Voltage fell to 12.26 when i pulled in her driveway, and rebounded to 12.41 when i shut off the engine. I likely could have driven another 2+ hours before the engine stalled.

Following day I check my modified external voltage regulator wiring and all seemed well, but still no charging.  I reconnected my original engine computer voltage regulator, same results.  Checked my parallel paths from alternator to battery, they are fine too.

So that leaves the alternator alone as the failure point, unless both VRs are failed, which seems unlikely.

I think perhaps the brushes/alternator got all wet in the rainstorm and then when parked unused for 3 weeks, got stuck in their holders.  When the alternator failed it was making perhaps making 26 amps and was only 129f, far from being stressed out.

Today, I call up Oreilly autoparts, who bought out Kragen, whom I bought the original lifetime alternator from back in 2004/5.  While My phone number and name generated hits in their system, none of them were for an Alternator.  Not really surprising, and  honestly I felt a bit bad having used that warranty so many times when i was overworking the alternator previous to my having solar and plug in charging sources and replacing batteries every 9 to 12 months.

I am researching my options. I suspect the brushes are just stuck and delivering no field current to the armature.  I've no experience getting inside alternators, yet.  I can get new or remanufactured 120 amp alternators in the 100$ range with core charges ranging from 15 to 65$.  Some options go as high as 265$.

I could get the internal fan 120 amp Nippon Denso alternator too, though I am not sure which would perform better at lower rpms, and which should be more reliable.

Part of my external adjustable voltage regulator modification required bending the tabs for the field terminals out of the way on the original molded wiring harness, and one of those tabs broke off yesterday during testing and I likely will cut out that molded wiring harness though i have 'fixed it' soldering some wire to remnants of the broken tab.

I don't really need a higher amperage ability with my current battery capacity.  Idle speed with a well depleted battery is the only time my existing alternator could not maintain 14.4+ volts.

I've heard/read nothing good about remanufactured alternators, and the horror stories might be limited to specific alternators for specific vehicles in specific parts of the country.  Napa, Advance Auto, O'reilly, Autozone are the local Autoparts stores, but Advance Auto does not exist in California, kind of moving them to the bottom of the list.  Prices are all very similar for remanufactured.  
New only seems to exist on RockAuto and seem very similarly priced in the 120$ range, but they get you on shipping and i'd rather not have to wait a week for delivery.

I might be able to simply open it up and free the brushes too.

Anyway, wanted to share this experience.

Having a large healthy capable battery was awesome, to continue the journey, rather thsan Diagnose while en route.  No dedicated house battery capacity to tap into was not an issue.  

If I did not have a dashboard digital voltmeter, and an Ammeter, i would have been and perhaps could still be completely unaware that the charging system failed, only to find out in some less than favorable location.

Its also nice having a plug in charging source capable of 40 amps to quickly recharge the battery to truly full.

Those of you without a good dashboard voltmeter, which can easily show the difference between 13.6v+ and 12.6v, should consider one.  Those of you with engine starting batteries of questionable health, should consider the benefits of the biggest battery you can stuff inside the engine compartment.  The dashboard ammeter was wonderful to have just to see how much juice was being sucked by engine and headlights, and it does change with rpm, lessening slightly with lower rpm.  

'reserve capacity'   in minutes, listed on most starting batteries, is how many minutes the battery can provide 25 amps before it falls to 10.5v.  My engine with the headlights on was certainly close to that 25 amp load, and I needed about half  the 220 minutes my Northstar g31 AGM  is rated for to get to my destination.

I have the 18Ah AGM 'jumper/ portable battery I could have  easily parallelled too, but it was not required.

I've an Alternator guru friend, I want his opinion on the Nippondenso internal fan externally adjustable  alternator compared to my 50/120 chrysler.  I can stay here as long as needed, but the Pacific Ocean is calling.

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  Chocolate Gravy anyone?
Posted by: Gr8ful - 01-13-2020, 05:30 AM - Forum: Cooking - Replies (4)

Anyone ever have chocolate gravy? I was born in Michigan & back then you could only get good bisquits & gravy from someone raised in the south. A real treat was a plate of chocolate gravy covering good southern style bisquits. I've had them in restaurants in Ten where my dad was from origanly, my Mom was born in southern Alabama but soon moved to New Orleans & learned to speak french before english. I just wondered if anyone here ever enjoyed it. Thanks!

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  We're so easily amused
Posted by: fantym1 - 01-12-2020, 05:57 PM - Forum: Pets - Replies (4)

So, it's after supper & I'm sitting in the driver's seat, looking out the door windows, when Gypsy comes up & lays her head on my leg. I rub her ears awhile. She goes & noses her bed, all over the kitchen area & down the steps.
Then goes & rousts Trav out of his bed by the back door - noses his bed up & down the aisle & down the steps.
Hmmm. I gave each their own hoof when we got here. I check the bedding - no hoof, just 1 pathetic lil fragment.
I am so well-trained. I unwrap 1 of those filled marrow bones for each. Filled w/peanut butter. Replace the beds. Hand Gypsy 1. Hand Trav the other.
Gypsy promptly starts gnawing hers.
Trav licks his a couple times, watching her. Drops his bone. Watching her. Creeps up the aisle on his belly. Watching her gnaw her bone.
Obviously, her bone must be better than his.
He lays there next to her bed. Watching her gnaw her bone. For, like 3 minutes.
Looks up @ the trash can & gives a "something's out there" kinda bark.
Gypsy drops her bone, getting up to look out the window ...
Trav snatches it almost before it lands
& takes it back to his bed
Where he's laying on his original bone, gnawing on hers.
I think I'd just as soon stay out of it.

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  The Scadden Wash doins last night
Posted by: Cammalu - 01-12-2020, 02:05 AM - Forum: Chit-Chat and Off Topic - Replies (1)

Fun people. This is Putts group

I don’t know how to post this other than the link to a friends facebutt page


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  Food porn
Posted by: fantym1 - 01-11-2020, 08:01 PM - Forum: Cooking - Replies (4)

Black "borracho" beans over quinoa w/tomato & avocado, sprinkled w/cilantro. It was dinner

The beans were cooked in crockpot on solar, but could have been (& in my recent past) cooked in thermos.
The quinoa was cooked on alcohol stove, 25cc.

Thank you Kaylee & I'm gonna borrow ur phrase, too!

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  Where we @ now
Posted by: fantym1 - 01-11-2020, 12:51 PM - Forum: Travel Log - Replies (7)

Thank you Kaylee!

Sonoran Desert Natl Monument

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  Ed's journey
Posted by: heron - 01-06-2020, 09:57 PM - Forum: In Memoriam - Replies (24)

Ed's journey is over. After a long, rough road, he went easily and gently earlier this evening. He was a good, good man, and I will miss him. Think of him as you go, please, especially his friends in the desert, whom he missed so much.

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