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  Elon Musk
Posted by: Motrukdriver - 07-16-2018, 11:08 AM - Forum: YARC - Replies (3)

I didn't realize Elon Musk was so old.  Pictures of him make him look to be his late 40's but amazingly enough he has been at the electric car making business for decades.  I guess his ideas didn't really become mainstream until society finally realized there is a limit to how much oil is still in the ground and when it is gone, it's gone.  This advertisement is from 1925.  Crazy stuff....

[Image: YYC6_048_1024x1024.jpg?v=1493371509]

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  Traveling With Pets
Posted by: GotSmart - 07-16-2018, 06:22 AM - Forum: Pets - Replies (10)

Many of the people that I have met on the road have company. I have a cat that has the opinion that he is the master of every campsite. At 16 years old, his catitude is there. Most dogs respect him, with the exception of Blanches “Nibana” that seems to have a death wish. 

A cat needs a poop box. I have a plastic tub with a lid with a hole cut in the end about 4 inches up. Tidy Cat scoopable litter seems to work the best. A small automotive floor mat catches most of the litter that is on his feet when he walkes out. I clean it twice a day. 

The water bowl is a fancy two piece unit with the name WATER HOLE that keeps it from splashing out under normal circumstances. 

Food is a critical issue. After going through many different kinds, I have found that Purina Cat Chow Naturals to be what makes him healthy and happy. Buy the small bags and seal it in a gallon freezer bag. Fresh food is always healthier and appreciated. Lots of treats makes any animal (little fur baby) want to stick around.

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  Diagnosing the random stall
Posted by: sternwake - 07-15-2018, 09:11 PM - Forum: The Sternwake files - Replies (9)

3 hours After posting in another thread, how I fixed a previous stall/ hard restart issue nearly 3.5 years ago resoldering connector pins on the engine computer circuit board, and that  the van(1989 dodge b250 with a 318) had not stalled since, It stalled.  

First stall  occurred as I was slowing down for an intersection  with cold engine with barely 2/3 of a mile of warming, where I had the much coveted  left greenlight, when it stalled, and I braked to a stop before entering the intersection. Thankfully with nobody behind me. I was over the traffic light's sensors, so the light stayed green, and it restarted after about 4 seconds of cranking the engine, then revved super high.  I waited until they lowered to the 800 range then put it back in gear and made my left turn.

As i was accellerating, it lost power and chugged burped pinged twice and stalled.  i put it in neutral, and was able to coast off into an Alley off the side of the road, where I checked for engine computer codes via the dodge key dance.  No new unexpected codes.

It cranked about 3 seconds longer than normal and fired up, and I returned the 3/4 miles back to my spot without further issue, other than an upset dog who thought it was time to frolick in the surf.  When I put in in park I looked over at her and got the harrumph bark of disappointement, then a long sigh.

Idling in my parking spot I went and wiggled the connector at engine computer whose pins I resoldered those 3.5 years ago, which previous to resoldering, would  induce a stall, and it just kept iding smoothly without any hiccup.

I was not sure whether to be relieved or not.

Today, I decided to start back at the fuel pump connector, which not too long ago I had used Caig  Deoxit upon, and did not expect any issue.  The Pins looked like shiny copper, wires were not discolored.  There is a nearby Ground, for the fuel pump on a frame crossmember just in front of fuel tank, which also appeared to be fine.

But I tend to yell at those who look at a connection and declare it to be 'just fine'.  I got my socket set and torqued it tighter to see if it was loose, and the bolt easily turned, and turned and turned.  It was stripped.

but it was still tight enough I could not move the ring terminal by its wire, and once removed the ring terminal still had some portions of shiny copper and the metal below it looked like i had polished it a week earlier.

I highly doubt this ground is the cause of my stalling issue, but i was not going to use the same stripped hole for the bolt, so i drilled a new hole, ground off all the paint around it with my dremel, polished the ring terminal with same tool, used new star washer and torqued it tight a few inches from where it was previously grounded, then covered it with one coat of liquid electrical tape.  Possible, yet unlikely culprit eliminated.

Some 14 years ago, My engine computer was failing, but I was not sure that was it.  I suspected that original fuel pump wiring might be compromised in the roof area of the back of my van.  yes the original fuel pump wiring ran along the roofline to the back opposite corner of the van from the fuel pump relay in the most convoluted path possible.  I shortened that path with some new wire, but I suspected that my wire splices of 14 years ago were not done to 2018 Sternwake standards, so I found them and cut them out and respliced them.

While the butt connection crimps were not upto my current standards, The copper stranding was still copper colored under the heat shrink, and was still tightly crimped.  Not the issue, but it they too are eliminated as a culprit and their replacements are crimped properly with better tools and covered with heatshrink, and then covered in split loom and zip ties immobilize the bundle.

Pretty much ended the daylight then and there.   

There is the other 14 year old fuel pump splice elsewhere I need to relocate and replace and eliminate as a possibel current or future culprit, though it too is likely fine.

I am NOT sure the stalling is even fuel related.   Could certainly be spark too.
 I do not have a fuel pressure gauge to hook up and wait for another stall episode.

I have not pulled the engine cover.
The intank Fuel pump was replaced on teh side of the road in Baja, in october 2006 and likely has less than 40K miles on it.

It is still quiet, unlike its predecesor when it was failing.

It got a new in tank filter sock back then too.  The external fuel filter is located along the frame rail, and was last  replaced  in 2004 or 5 when I was chasing down the failing engine computer.  

I did a fairly hard accelleration on the way back to my spot after the 2 stalls and I doubt there is excessive restriction because of a clogged external filter, though the in tank filter could be.

I am not the best about buying quality gas and the last 20$ worth some 19 miles ago, was at somplace I would usually avoid buying from.

Again, I am not sure it is fuel related stalling.

I guess I get to drive around and wait for it to occur again, and hope this is not in a bad spot, and that it restarts.

Otherwise AAA has that free 7 mile towing radius to get me back to my spot.

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Posted by: ratfink56 - 07-15-2018, 03:39 PM - Forum: Forum Issues/Suggestions - Replies (5)

Would it be possible to add a place for the user's vehicle? Some threads about vehicle problems do not contain that info. Being able ta access that info would help imo.

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  Mifi flashed to 4g version $5 unlimited
Posted by: RoamingKat - 07-15-2018, 02:24 PM - Forum: Wifi/Cellular - Replies (11)

Today, I went to help a friend buy one from missjg.     Seller is not listed on eBay.

I went to the website for dr wireless....no flashed hotspots listed.

What is happening?   Are these sellers putting out of the market?

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  GPS formats
Posted by: RoamingKat - 07-15-2018, 10:41 AM - Forum: Useful Information - Replies (3)

I have a new Garmin. Nuvi 2597

It does not provide a gps coordinate format 


Notice the 6 digits after the decimal point.

  Only.   Nnn.nnnnn. (5) digits.

How do I convert?

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  Tiny TT
Posted by: Motrukdriver - 07-15-2018, 08:44 AM - Forum: Recreational - Replies (2)

Here's an interesting concept in going really small.  The website that has his construction pictures does not work but for something this simple you probably don't need it.  What is shown is enough of a guide should you want to build your own.  I like the raised section just tall enough to stand up in and the rest being squat space.  


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Posted by: Motrukdriver - 07-15-2018, 08:26 AM - Forum: Other - Replies (3)

Interesting concept.  I wonder if folks in here that have camping land available can benefit from this?


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  Waffle frolics...
Posted by: Motrukdriver - 07-14-2018, 05:36 PM - Forum: Chit-Chat and Off Topic - Replies (1)

We really need to organize one of these.  I sooooo love waffles.


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  You can`t do it ?.
Posted by: shadow - 07-14-2018, 05:33 PM - Forum: Other Topics - Replies (17)

Has anyone ever told a friend or family member there plans of moving into and living in an RV or van, only to be told
by the family member or friend that - I know you, you can`t do it - ?.

I had a family member tell me this about eight months ago, and every so often I think about what he said, and wonder
why he would say such a thing ?. I am more of a city person, but I also like going into the forest to relax and get away
from it all every so often.

And even though I have not taken my RV out and camped/used it yet, I have used the shower and I feel very comfortable
and at home in it, and I don`t for see any problems once I go full time.

Other than having to empty the tanks and get water, its seems like no big deal to me, it just becomes a routine once
you get into it, right ?.

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