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  Another electricity question
Posted by: TrainChaser - 09-13-2018, 10:36 AM - Forum: Solar/Electrical - Replies (8)

This isn't in regard to anything in particular, I'm just wondering.

I was making spaghetti last night, and a neighbor called and wanted to tell me about his new dog.  The water had just hit boiling, so I turned it down, because the guy is a talker.  And that created this question.
If I have a large pot of water and want it to boil, I turn it on med-high.  The electric meter starts running.  After a while, I turn it down to between Low and Medium.  Does it use the same amount of power at medium-low as it does at med-high?  Or does the electric meter just understand ON and OFF?

(It's really great to have people here who know this stuff!)

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  A Simple Woodstove DFM
Posted by: MN C Van - 09-13-2018, 09:38 AM - Forum: Other - Replies (28)

Figured I'd attempt it, and see what happens.

1. Simplicity. Not going to be feature laden or custom castings!
2. Small. Anything heats the tiny space, and, well, there's no space for a big stove, or anything big for that matter!

Here's an example of one welded together for the icehouse-
[Image: attachment.php?aid=271]

I'm thinking ~ 6x8x12 with 2 1/2" auto exhaust pipe (see requirement #1)
My buddy suggested using round pipe or tube- hard to balance a coffee cup on, though

Any ideas? just weld ends on a 6" tube, cut a 2 1/2 hole for the chimney bung, then fashion a door?

It'll sit behind driver's or passenger's seat (when in use) and exhaust out a cutout closed in window

Someone post the obligatory CRVL words of wisdom 'fire burns stuff' Smile

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  1 year down
Posted by: Gary - 09-12-2018, 03:41 PM - Forum: Forum News - Replies (15)

one to go,what will happen,nobody knows

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  Refextic = Window Damage?
Posted by: Texjbird - 09-12-2018, 10:04 AM - Forum: Other - Replies (4)

Recently on a U T video someone mentioned that reflextic had caused some window damage due to overheating so the window cracked.  I have the reflextic for the Safari & also the Aliner.

Has anyone heard of this before?  This was the 1st time I've ever heard it mentioned.



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Tongue What Determines We're Old
Posted by: Texjbird - 09-12-2018, 01:02 AM - Forum: Heart to Heart Talk - Replies (7)

I may have unbenownst to me gained "LITTLE OLD LADY" status recently Huh

That is the only reason I can think of for my new bra to CREAK.
When it starts to moan I'm gonna run right smack dab outta the damn thing   Rolleyes

FILM AT 11:00   Wink


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  Freezer converted to low-cost fridge
Posted by: TrainChaser - 09-11-2018, 09:31 PM - Forum: Refrigeration - Replies (7)

When I was participating at CRVL, I posted about a fellow in Australia who converted a chest freezer into a very low-cost refrigerator that could easily be run on solar.  His name is Tom Chalk of Mt. Best, Australia.  He bought a small energy-efficient chest freezer and changed the thermostat to turn it into a refrigerator that only takes 0.1 KWh of energy.  How much does a regular fridge that size cost to run?  Most people at CRVL seemed doubtful.

Here's the first article I saw on it, "A fridge that only takes 0.1 KWh?":  https://www.builditsolar.com/Projects/Co...fridge.pdf

Here is a more recent article about the conversion, "Freezer to fridge conversion":

And just today, I finally found a man who did it for his tiny house, it works as advertised, and he loves it!
"70 Year Old Builds Innovative Off-Grid Tiny House for Debt Free Retirement":

Would someone who understands electricity be willing to convert the draw of a common off-grid fridge or two (like a Domestic, etc) to the same language as this fridge, so it would be easy to compare the energy use?  Pretty please with sugar on it?

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  does anyone want a winter caretaker/housesitter/renter?
Posted by: Kaylee - 09-11-2018, 09:42 AM - Forum: Chit-Chat and Off Topic - Replies (5)

Does anyone have a quiet s&b that will be vacant for a few months, and would be interested in a reliable renter/housesitter/caretaker with excellent character & tenant references (i.e. me)?

My only requirements are:
1. quiet
2. smoke-free (outside as well as inside)
3. reliable internet (if none set up, then Verizon or some other pay-as-you-go cell provider)

Indoor plumbing and an oven would also be nice, but not required. Smile

Job Update:
I've been offered a pure telecommute job, with generally good flexibility.
It's in my passion field (cybersecurity), and the company is run by somebody I've "known" for many years in the Volunteer area of cybersecurity (i.e. he's ethical - woo!hoo!).

I had been thinking I'd just buy a modest cargo-minivan and head to The Woods, but have concluded that I need to start in a s&b, establish my credibility (I'm required to learn a new programming language), then take off some time to transition to van dwelling.
Have discussed this plan with New Boss, and he's on board. He even mentioned that he recently used the term "Nomad" when he would have previously used the term "homeless". Smile

I've put out some Craigslist queries, and gotten the usual mix of no answers, and clueless incompetents.
I really shouldn't have to explain to anybody the concept of needing to know what the total costs are, or the meaning of "quiet", or the significance of a smoking neighbor standing outside one's door or window. Grrr!Argh!

P.S. PMs welcome, and/or any general suggestions. Smile

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  If I ever....
Posted by: justjim - 09-10-2018, 09:18 PM - Forum: Chit-Chat and Off Topic - Replies (18)

The next time I ask who designed or installed this and the person starts saying anything about a electrical engineer, I will be gone before they finish the sentence. In the two instances it has happened the engineer should have been slapped, the school shut down...something.

Today I went to check out a fifth wheel that even though it has 500 watts of solar, can't keep its own battery charged. 500 watts of solar feeding two 4-D's as a inverter bank but no connection to the house grp 24. A 100 watt portable was intended to keep it running. Discuss options and decide to remove grp 24 and pull power from inverter bank for house. Hmmm wiring seems a bit weak but okay. Look again, ask customer if they have issues running 2000 watt inverter. Why yes they do and it could be the three feet of 8 gauge feeding the twin 2 gauge per side wires feeding the inverter. There is a switch but no fuse. Back side of switch discolored from heat, 8 gauge wire nearly melted in half at the lug.

So the next time I hear "my electrical engineer" I'm out of there.

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  Beginner Solar
Posted by: Gary - 09-10-2018, 04:50 PM - Forum: Solar/Electrical - Replies (47)

let's try to keep chit chat down and answer beginner questions/tutorial 

[Image: PJ6qCCO.jpg]
renogy 100w

how do i test this? have multimeter

going to be a portable,have 10 gauge wire, get a couple mc4 connectors or switch to power poles?

raw wire into the charge controller or is there a terminal needed?

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  Best Ding Contest!
Posted by: Blanch - 09-10-2018, 02:38 PM - Forum: Contests & Giveaways - Replies (33)

For Bragging rights, show us the best ding or dent you got in the last 12 months. Tell the story with words and pictures if you would like. The one with the most votes gets the special title of:


Ding Ding Ding away!

Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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