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TIP: Blower/Fan from HF
If you have 110v Power in your rig, then I'd highly suggest using the following type of Blower.
I've found that it works Better than AC in a high humidity climate like FL; Keeps you Dry (when used with Venilation Opening at both ends your vehicle, for airflow).

Also nice is that you can easily "Aim" it, and the airflow is quite "directed/concentrated"... much more-so than the typical radial fan designs.

For sake of comparision, I used to use 3ea 12v "Muffin Fans", where-as in comparision this Blower is pushes ~10x more air than all three those combined... and decently quiet too (with Adjustable Speed).

ps: I'm sure that if you were so inclined, the 110v motor could be replaced by a 12v version, and still work pretty good; offhand I'd try to swap in a motor from a 12v RV Heater for that effort

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Check this thread out, someone here on the ventilation trail like yourself...........
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