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Another Awareness Month!
For the Guys!

Balls, I say!

Having personally been in "the stirrups" more times than Princes Margaret, I am happy to announce:

Guys, U 2 have Equality! U 2 now have your very own Awareness Ribbon.

April is Testicular Cancer Awareness Month

I'm afraid to ask what the ribbon looks like, but, if ya got 'em ... treat them well!

All joking aside, please do this exam regularly.
2!! Stinkin' Badges
And the road leads ever onward
Self examination isn’t a bad thing either boys. Look it up on YouTube and practice this as well.

Or boys could learn Breast exams for lumps and girls could learn lump checks for egg lumps and we could open a bottle of wine and help each other out.

What a wonderful world this could be.

Loved the P Margret analogy. lol.

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