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riddle me this...
Hi all. Just a quick intro since I'm not even supposed to be on the computer today. I'm supposed to be packing...

I'm 50, retired very recently, selling my house (it's under contract--and I'm a nervous wreck), and moving "back home" to Louisiana where the rest of my family lives. My oldest daughter and grandson (1 of 3 grandchildren) live with me (until tomorrow). I'm getting them moved back to Louisiana tomorrow so he can start school on time there. Then I get to come back here and finish packing/cleaning the house before closing. Once this is done, my plan is to buy a used Class C so I can travel (with a bit of moochdocking added in with family). 

OH yeah, I found this site via a riddle in another forum. lol
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  • Everyroadleadshome (08-04-2019), rvpopeye (08-04-2019)
Welcome, Kyz. Sounds like you’ve got your work cut out for you!
welcome to the site,same forum software as crvl so things should be familiar
Welcome, Kyz. I hope you'll enjoy this forum as much as we do! We have a nice "Yarc Camp" in Quartzsite, AZ every winter where we can get together and meet. It's pretty nice.
Welcome! Glad you found us. Where are you moving from? I've been to every state except Louisiana and Arizona. Need to get those off my list sooner than later.
Queen--thanks! I do, but we've busted our butts too and gotten a lot done.

Blacktank--awesome sauce

S Cello--Can't wait to head that direction, although I'll probably be slow about it. lol

ERLH-- Missouri. My "have been to" states list is way shorter than "have not been to," but I hope to start working on that soon!
Wait. What was the riddle?

Oh, and Welcome!
One gloriously stinkin' badge.

I assume you have finished your first half of your ROOIRIA award over on CRVL and successfully solved the riddle !
Congratulations and.........
Welcome to the "second half" !!!!
I hope you like it here and guess you are going to , seeing you read your way through the first half already!
Might even be a speed record too !
(Very few have achieved the ultimate quest to join the "Royal Order Of I Read It All")

Here , the YARC has it's own thread BUT basically pops up everywhere......
Because you see , everybody here is a YARCer.

You now know the beginnings of YARC and are about to enter into a different dimension (or something)...

Any questions you have about anything vandwelling related.
OR Just about anything really.
Lots of experience present here vs the billion nubes too.

Dive in pick a thread ,, any thread ..

I posted a riddle for K to solve as she tried to achieve true ROOIRIA over on CRVL endeavor all here know cannot be done on CRVL alone !
It has brought her here.

Your request for more members has begun to be fulfilled ,,,,,,
ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR me plan is working !
More are trying to solve the riddle , but need to find the path through ROOIRIA !
May the farce be with them !

T W O h s,,,,P. O.
Stay Tuned

Weirdo Overlord  YARC 
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(What a "Stinkin' " honor !)
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Kyz you are next door sorta. If you come thru Western KY you are welcome to stay with Gotsmart and I on our property. We leave here sometime after it starts getting cold.

We are having to go larger and when we do will be selling our 23 foot RV.
Yup, go look at Cammalu's camper. It's nice.
We change topics in the middle of a topic. Some times more than once

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