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What's the name of this movie?
I misspelled something on a web search and sauces came up.  Sauces.  I instantly thought of a quotation from a movie.  But I can't think of the title of the movie (based on a book) and can't get it out of my head.

The movie took place around the 1930s, I think.  A man attacked a woman, and then he disappeared.  I think his car was found in the river.

There was a small down home restaurant, and a black woman was serving a police officer, and he was raving about how good the meat was.  She just smiles and said, "It's the sauce".  She wouldn't let her teenaged son eat the meat.

WHAT was the name of the movie???
Fried Green Tomatoes
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  • Texjbird (06-25-2019)
HA!  Thank you, Queen!!!
Phenomenal movie!

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