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Air cleaner temperature sensor, Dodge, perhaps others
I completed my journey back west, and achieved the best fuel economy I ever have, in my 20+ cross country ventures in this Van.  I was carrying about 100 more pounds of stuff on the way back compared to the ride there where I averaged 15.7 mpg.

There was some favorable tailwinds that definitely bumped up the average higher than what could be expected from more complete combustion due to an average inlet air temp, and  a better sparkplug, but the tailwinds cannot account for all of it, as I was achieving nearly 0.5mpg more than expected with a 25 MPH cross wind which is likely equal to a  12.5mph headwind.

The section from Van Horn Texas to Tuscon AZ, I got 17.73mpg driving 65mph or faster, and Did not pick up  actual tailwinds until I-10 turned west below Las Cruces and  they ended ~ 70 miles short of Tuscon but they were 25mph tailwinds.
San Antonio to Van horn 16.68 mpg.
Central LA to S.A. Tx, 15.77 mpg. hard crosswinds
Florida panhandle to central LA 15.44 mpg light cross winds increasing
SW Florida to panhandle, 15.27 mpg. Hot, but light cross winds.

Tuscon to Yuma 17.17mpg
Yuma to here, unknown mpg but gauge reads half a hatch mark above expected for mileage accrued.  Light winds, but steep mountain range to climb and descend.

I did take the 375 El Paso Bypass loop as Tex recommended.  Construction. 1 lane each direction, Divided and often narrow with no shoulder. No hope of getting to the viewpoints on the eastbound side unless I wanted to get to near the 10  turn around and cross the range again.  Required too much concentration to appreciate the views available. Nice to bypass the suburbia when possible though.  I'll definitely take it again if daylight on my next rip east.  Also want to take the 90 from Van Horn and goto Big Bend.  Was gonna take the 90 this time, but...... 

There are times when the temp sensor is able to control the blend door to maintain 102f +/- 4f in the aircleaner housing, and other times when it seems to average 112f +/- 30f.  I never found any repeatable correlation as to when and why this difference occurred.  I tried hard to when variables would change, and gave up.

 It did seem that when it was a more or less steady 102f +/- 4 f, the fuel gauge dropped slower and then for no discernible reason, it would start to swing wide and far, quickly, and the fuel gauge would seem to drop faster for the mileage accrued.  I found it best to not look at it too closely after a while, and just drive.

I did not return the original sensor to experiment further.

Arrived last night. Today, did a store run.
Backing out of one parking spot at third stop it stalled, no restart.
Jumpered fuel pump relay, hear it buzzing away, and no restart.
Pulled engine cover.  injectors firing, but no spark.
Coil ohms out fine.
Hall effect sensor/ distributor pickup connector, one wire from ECM, is supposed to see within one volt of battery voltage from ECM.  Mine read 3+ volts below battery voltage.
Called AAA.

First time in 19.5 years of owning this van, I got an actual tow, but perhaps one time in Baja when a green angel pulled me about a mile to a farmer's house  with my own tow strap, to help replace  the in tank fuel pump.

AAA sent a flatbed truck within 30 minutes. I was within 7 miles of my Spot for a free tow/flatbed ride.
Driver was competent, listened well, put my van within 2 feet of where I would choose to park it. No paperwork involved.  I was told to have my AAA card and picture ID ready, he never asked.

Found local  O'reillys Auto parts actually claims to have my ECM in stock, but am not yet 100% sure it is the ECM which failed. Did no further investigating. yet.

Whatever failed, glad it did not happen 24 hours earlier when I was in the middle of the desert with no cell coverage, or anywhere else in the last 2500 miles/ 4 days of driving.
If it had to happen....perfect timing though.

You must have had a good supply of karma points.
Stay Tuned

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(What a "Stinkin' " honor !)
Well if the bird of paradise has to fly up your ass it did choose the the best timetable.
Very good gas milage for the trip.
Glad you’re home safe. Tomorrow let the games begin. Have a wobbly pop and pet Fiona. Yes stuck in the dessert would be another thing entirely.

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God Stern. You passed right by us. Could have stopped for a one minute elbow bump.
That stop could potentially have stranded me dozens of miles from civilization with a blown engine computer, rather than 3 miles from my safe and level parking spot.

And Fiona would have no choice but to try and chase Tigger, and get her ass kicked/ cornea's scratched.
Hahaha. Tigger is too old to run. He just makes noise and batts at the air. He’s 19 now and looks it.
Fiona discovered her harness is of a break away design.

Not sure what she saw, but it was a step above the usual crow/squirrel/rabbitt induced fury snarlgruntbark, then the sound of nails gripping pavement, then boom!


The big brass hook, was hooked to my exterior side door hinge, and was bent.
Bending it back with a large pair of channel locks, it creased.



Regarding the temp sensor function, I might be picking fly shit from the pepper.

I'd like for it to maintain a much more even 100f average as opposed to +/- 30 degrees f swings in 5 seconds, sometimes

I'm told the GM temp sensor design is perhaps better.

The blend door, allowing manifold heat on the bottom with ambient air atop, might still be stratified by the time it makes it to the sensor.

My cold air snorkel is still stock, the accordian split in some places, and does not fit the air cleaner snout perfectly either.  The portion which attaches to ECM, is also done for.
The coldest temp seen at the sensor, on the long steep climbs of Mountains east of san diego, was still above ambient
, Ideally would be ambient.

The potential stratified flow can potentially be mitigated, and non heated ambient air allowed in at higher throttle with a better seal at the snorkel joint.

Or I could just leave it as is and never think about it again.
Rock auto is having a clearance on related parts for your van. I got the email about a week ago. 

You might get lucky and find something OE that you can use.
Compared to parenting, Cat herding is less complicated
I'll check it out.

I found a less expensive source for the ECM with less of a core charge than RA
I've been in contact with someone who has an '88 B250 extended campervan with a carb'd 360 v8. They found their aircleaner temp sensor's pintle was not stuck as mine was, but the vacuum actuator, which lifts and lowers the blend door, its diaphragm was bad and the blend door never moved no matter how much vacuum was applied.
This is also a minor vacuum leak, in addition to making this whole heated air system inoperable. The '88 b250 with a 318 has throttle body fuel injection, only the 360 still has the carb. 1989 model years both engines had TBI. 1994 was the first year of the magnum engines in Dodge vans and these have multiport fuel injection which is more efficient, and also the more rounded body style which.

They had been complaining about how crusty it ran until it got to full temperature and of very poor mpgs despite always driving slowly. They are happy to have found this system inop as it gives hope of better economy easily achieved.

When mine was disconnected it would bog down on the first few accelerations of the day.

Do you know if this information is pertinent to a 1990 Dodge Ram Van B250 with a 318... Road Trek....

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