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Basically Lurking but Hello to all
So I'm a few years away from retirement and some months ago I stumbled on the idea of a "Mobile Metal Tent" and found this great site.

I work as a librarian in a public library in SE Florida, but I am also a hobby musician playing several fretted instruments. I hope to set up a simple commercial van rig to do short term trips for music festivals and camps, fishing, etc. Maybe the wife will come along but probably not. She needs more "civilization" than I do so trips with her will be glamping at least.

In a past life I worked in IT and have used computers since the dawn of the PC age so I am quite at home on internet forums and I can tell this one has a great vibe.

So "Hello All" and thanks in advance for all the esoteric knowledge I will be gaining!

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  • heron (10-12-2019)
Hiya Bob, welcome! I’m a retired liebarian from the cornfields of Illinois.
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  • ukenukem (10-11-2019)
Lie-bar-ian - yes, the "popular" pronunciation! Those who work at a Liebary.

Thanks, Queen!
welcome to the site,common sense forum rules and no current politics,other than that have at it

if you have any questions ask away
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  • ukenukem (10-12-2019)
Welcome to our little corner of the internet. How did you find us?
HI and welcome.
mobile metal that.
Go out and enjoy the travel. Find new adventures. Life is great that way that we all can do what we want and entertain ourselves on the road as we see fit. Go for it!!
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Tin teepee? Winibago tribe?
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  • heron (10-12-2019)
Welcome from the international chapter. And Lit section Dewey Decimal number 800 drifting between 800 and 890
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  • Cammalu (10-12-2019)
Thanks all, and Cammalu, I just searched for vandweller forums on Google. Been using computers since '79 and was an IT person for many years. Been on all kinds of forums. Librarian was my way out of that, computers everywhere and been using libraries since I was very young. A good match for me.

Had to go back to school to earn a masters in Library Science at 55 but again, mostly online so no prob there and I did a lot of it at work. Been with this system for 15 years now.

Back to lurkin'
Libraries have been a second home to me.

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