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How to burn out your alternator while direct charging LiFePo4
Victron has put out some info on how you can burn out your alternator by direct charging LiFePo4 at low engine RPM.    Apparently, at low engine RPM, the fixed fan on the alternator does not provide sufficient cooling if the alternator is putting out a high charging current.    The characteristics of LiFePo4  demand X current from the alternator whether engine RPM are high or low and it is common knowledge that LiFePo4 will demand just about anything made available to it.   The comparatively high internal resistance of LA technology does not cause the same high current demand.   The fix suggested by Victron is to fit a low capacity alternator (low current output keeps the internals cool), fit a temp probe to the alternator that works to limit current output if internal temp rises too much, or fit a DC to DC charger.

Just a Heads Up for those who want to do a drop in on the other side of something like a VSR.   If doing a new install, a dual input DC to DC charger is likely to be the simple way to go.   Even if you do not intend to include Solar initially, the cost difference is almost nil and the expansion capability is always there.
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Never directly hook up batteries with different chemistries to your vehicle's system.

I got burned (a lot of smoke, anyway) by doing that with mixing Gel and FLA.
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If you're spending the bucks on a lithium system then Mechman is the link for alternators. I've had them build me a couple. Sold them working with the vehicle. Never had a failure. Also AM/Solar has a 240 amp hour connection from alternator charger (never used it but AM has a good rep) for lithium. Its a system not a drop in.
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