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Water storage
I’m thinking about purchasing a large water bladder or container for everyone to use at YARC Camp.

Anyone have a good idea or recommendation? It needs to be packable as space is at a premium on the trailer.
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You cammalu - you are beyond generous.
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It just makes it easier for everyone and I don’t mind at all. Last year when I was going for water and to dump trash it was easy peasy to drive thru camp and collect water containers and trash.

I have the UTV and it’s just as easy to fill water and dump trash for everyone as it is to get mine.

I have to go all the time because we use a lot of water washing dishes and taking showers.
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What is this word "shower"?!?
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I have six 5 gallon drinking water bottles that are meant to be flipped over onto a dispenser.

They are just within my ability to pick up and move short distances.

They fit one at a time on my hand cart.

They fit in the water machines

They line up out of the way next to my bed.

They take a nifty pump that runs off of two D-cells

They fit in my truck which can be backed up to the trailer where I use the pump to transfer the water into my tank.

30 gallons is enough to fill the tank and leave me one or two for inside cooking and drinking.

They are easy to sterilize and if I want to replace them I trade them in and get a new one full of water for less than it cost to buy the bottles alone.

While you are dealing with the water, I can help on the other end. I have my blue boy that can be used to dump tanks. It is only 25 gallons so we will have to pay attention on some of the bigger waste tanks. It can be pulled behind the truck for short distances. It fits inside for longer runs.
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I considered a truck bed poly tank for water.  I was figuring a 50 gallon tank would be more than sufficient for showering and other washing water for a 2 week stint and then use those 5 gallon blue water bottles for drinking water.  They make a neat manual pump for them too.  I figure if you can take a daily shower on 2 1/2 gallons of water that would only use 35 gallons and you'd still have plenty left over for what ever water use you needed.  Drinking water you'd want a better quality so filling them up in the machines would be my choice.  They are supposed to be filtered so I'll believe it is.  Figure a 50 gallon poly tank filled up would add another 450 pounds to your rig so I'd be filling it up as close to my camping spot as possible and empty it out on the way to the next spot.  My preferred way to living in nomadville has always been a small pickup and a small travel trailer either a canned ham type or home built on a utility trailer but with the changes coming up..  well.. you know.  If I was in the market this would be mine and a very easy pull with my Ranger:
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The trip from YARC camp to the Water/Sewer/Dumpsters is a mere 1/2 mile within the "park".....the Blue Boy station is a little farther

Back in days of old camping  down in Florida.....we would set up a common shower area using a 12 volt pump and a 55 gallon drum....sometimes winter weather forced the use of the CampChef propane water heater...……...shower tent and a little privacy fenced area.....worked great......tank remained in the Jeep …..refill when necessary

Passive Solar Options abound...…..KAT uses a coil of black pipe...….Solar Bags...…..Black tank.....Black cover over tank ?

Showers are a LUXURY...…...I've got a 12v pump (and plumbing) out here...……Shower tent……..???
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I was just thinking of that today Doug. My thought was to buy a 100 gallon barrel, set it up high on a platform and pump water in. We have a pump. I can take our big water jugs and anyone else’s and fill up and come back and pump the water into the barrel.

We could paint it black to warm the water and put one of those hand held RV shower heads on it. You have to push a button to turn it on.

Maybe we could attach some kind of spigot on the other side for people to get their water.

A shower tent or tarps would be good with a little trench to run the water down into that little ditch on the back side of the YARC camp.

I have a barrel here but it’s too big to bring but I don’t mind buying one there in Q.

Everyone could shower whenever they want.

Comments? Suggestions?
I think you would be better off with two of the 55 gallon potable blue water barrels like this:

They can be had cheaper.

One for showers and one for water jugs.

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Holy moley. We can get them around here for ten bucks!

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