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Conversion van power wall
Dodges, notorious for bad electrical connections.

Brace those bundles of wires which enter the engine computer after carefully disconnecting, cleaning them of old Dielectric grease, and then  DeOxiting them.  The DeOxit Shield s5 spray is what I hit the connectors with after cleaning, and once reseated I Inject silicone Dielectric grease around any gaps.

Use the DEoxit on all sensor connections too  Thse are all 5v sensors dn more susceptible to voltage drop on a crap connector


Anybody who has mechanical and building skills can easily wire up their own system.  Properly terminating wires  and protecting wires, is the only real skill you might need to learn, and acquire the tools for.   Do some more reading/research in the ensuing peroiod,  and if you can still justify paying somebody top dollar, for what you likely  can do yourself, then PM me.  Not sure i will have my ducks aligned to take on such a project at the time, but I do appreciate the consideration.  I'd' also have to acquire more experience and better tools, and product experience, before i could justify charging top dollar.

Heck If I had better crimping  tools and could use just one butt cheek instead of both, I could have done this project in 1/4" the time.

Today, I joined the original roof rack to the solar panel mounts, then wired the existing conversion van  rear interior lights to the AUX battery fuse panel.  The charge controller had the battery at 14.7v all freaking day and the poor fully charged battery did not need it.

Turns out this particular charge controller is completely unfit for van dweller duty.  As far as I was able to determine, one could choose one voltage for the controller to seek and hold, and then changing this voltage took a series of mind numbing button holding sessions, over at least 2 minutes,  in the most asinine user interface I've ever encountered.  

As the van owners' planned on hitting the road tomorrow, and I could not in good conscience send them away with such a substandard solar controller,  I installed the gift certificated Renogy Voyager solar controller in their van instead.  i could not let them go off with a controller that could seriously undercharge the battery after one  deep cycle cycle , then 4 days later with light use, then be able to  seriously overcharge it.

The Renogy voyager displays total solar Amperage , and battery voltage, and the AH passed through it, while the Mohoo controller displayed only voltage, and inaccurately at that.  usually 0.1v high, but it also bounced around compared to other voltmeters.

Since my workshop battery owes me nothing, I can use this single voltage  chapshack controller on it.  When wiring it up for use in my workshop, all the screw terminals for clamping the wires were stripped and unable to hold wire.

I removed the circuit board from the controller body, dug out and removed the stripped  fine thread machine screws and used some biggersheet metal ones, for brutal one or two time efficacy.

[Image: 20180224_185228.jpg]

 I never used the 'load terminal' on the right.  Assume this type of wire terminaltion is good for one tightening only.

Generally, avoid this product if proper battery charging is desired.
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