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Cargo trailer build

This is a really sweet little cargo trailer build. I don’t know how to post it other than to go to this link and scroll down to Video of the Day.
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  • TrainChaser (02-19-2018)
Here's the direct youtube link:
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  • Cammalu (02-19-2018)
Very nice Cammy. You really should change the subject from van to trailer though.  Tongue
 The Captain and Crew Finally got their stuff together. 
 Now if they can only remember where they put it.   Rolleyes
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  • Cammalu (02-19-2018)
Very nicely done! He put some time and effort into that.
Cute where did he hide the batteries? I see an induction stove top? That going to pull some sternwakeAwatts!!
I saw this one awhile back and still one of the nicest conversions i've seen.
now.. all I see when I see flat-topped V-nosed trailers.. is water... lol

But the build is impressive.
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  • rvpopeye (02-20-2018), Texjbird (04-21-2018)
My new v-nose, "flat-roof" cargo trailer has a nice slope from the center to each outside.

It has plenty of slope to run any amount of water off it easily.

In fact... it's not a flat roof at all.

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