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Washington state
From the wacky nomadic hound contingent.
My body is a temple- Ancient and crumbling,  
probably cursed 

Dog Bender with 4.2 Stinkin' Badges 
Whaddaya play and with what ? Post your gigs . Also a YARC bennie.
The desert contingent is thinning but you might still have enough to start a fan club in Q.

"Gypsy and the Wacky Nomadic Hound Contingent"
That's a good name for a band .
I can see it now
You could be a duo with a howler call and response song format.

Platinum .

Schedule your premier performance on April 8th with the eclipse live (or on the screen wall depending on the weather) behind the stage ,,,,free support publicity bonus plus a built in audience of half the country !

I know , I know. You ain't right popeye , go lay down now. Here's a bisquit......
stay tuned 

 Weirdo Overlord : FMS Fleet Ops , Awards , Badges ,  aka Tamerlane the Impaler Mod.
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  • GypsyDogs (04-02-2024)
Howdy, I'm not actively performing at the moment, have a lot of woodshedding to do. Probably getting back into all of that next Spring

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