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Not A Knock
I had a not-sma-knock/ not traffic-stop stop

Got to work.. a few minutes early.. was chilling in the driver’s seat.. and see moving light behind the van.. “weird..”
Suddenly- there is a cop at the passenger side window with flashlight.. ‘roll down!’
Me ‘can’t’ and I Slowly open driver door .  Exit vehicle left hand on thigh.. right hand on door strap- plain view. (Partly to be polite and partly because I have pointy deterrents easily in reach from the driver’s seat)
I was a bit confused as to why he was there..
He explained that I was going strangely slow up the road (half a block until my turn…)—(I grinned and looked at my van)
And he smirked a little then said he was concerned that I was having vehicle problems..then he saw me back into the space in the back of the lot and thought I was homeless and maybe needed community resources.
THEN he saw the line of matching vehicles that all say “may contain radioactive materials “ and really wondered what the heck I was doing..
He was also confused- as it is 0045.. and there are people in the building doing stuff..
I explained that I work there, it is a nuclear pharmacy and I could easily show him my company gas card with my name on it.
At which point he relaxed and I moved my hand from the door strap (.. because 2 knives easily within reach.. so me not move till cop relax.. lol)
I asked him if he could wanted to see a pic of the inside of the lab.. he did.. we chatted a couple minutes about nothing, I wished him a safe and uneventful shift.. and away he went.  Lol
Nice guy.
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probably cursed 

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