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12V RV refrigerators
I did a little research on the 12v refrigerator for rv and see this as a huge improvement. The the two big advantages over propane / electric absorption refrigerators are safety and cooling effectiveness.
Great for people that are plugged into electric of have ample solar power.
My next trailer will have a 12v RV refrigerator.
Anyone have one of these now? How do you like it?
Welcome to the crew Kendrick !  Cool

 I agree about the 12volt fridge/freezers being the perfect fit for dwellers of the road.
Many here are using them .
Here's a link to the refrigeration forum

 If you have any questions  , just ask .
We'll try to help you find the right one.
Some general advice from personal experience and hearing from others over the years . 

Some are louder than others.
People tend to get one bigger than they actually need. 
Powering one (or two) with batteries and solar has many variables so no set in stone sizes there.
I usually say get as much as you can afford .  

If you have a rig we like pictures.... Big Grin
stay tuned 

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Ah yeah propane is not really viable anymore. Most of us are on 12 volt. Great when it’s level. Many don’t get that 12 volts need to be somewhat level, not as critical as propane but depending on the fridge. It should be factored especially if your rig goes up 23% grades on logging roads for a long while.

Second if building out a rig. Pick the fridge and where it goes. Then proceed to step 2 of twenty thousand. Lol

I am really happy with Iceco refrigerators. Cheap, not that this is ever a consideration but I bought it figuring it would crap out in a year but was big enough for beer sharing helping hands. Lol. Quietest fridge I’ve ever owned. The fancy UV germ killer is not a gimmick. Cleaned it out, powered it up for 30 minutes and opened and closed the lid a few times during that thirty. Turned it off and it sat closed for 6 months, not used. Checked when I got back; No funky smell.

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  • rvpopeye (10-24-2023)
I have this one:

It was NOT that price of course. It's not currently in use (in storage). My experience is, it makes a great freezer, but regulating a good refrigerator temperature was difficult. It's +/-5 to 10 degrees from the set temperature. I prefer a smaller window when it comes to refrigeration (37 to 40).
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For sure. Larger the unit harder it is to manage above freezing. Freeze is easy but where the expensive stuff is that medicine storage numbers. Not too cold not too hot but Little Reds porridge numbers. Smaller fridge makes it easier. Otherwise. National Luna or Engle. And big big bucks.

My 65 IceCo
Is really good at freeze. Ok at fridge, about a three degree swing in metric. Not good enough for some
medicines/vaccines but good enough for me, and for the price i buy it three times for the equivalent size National Luna.

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Thanks for the suggestions guys!

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