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So it begins...... Battery spot welder
Recent experience says....Hang in there SW , you'll be glad you did after it's over. No regrets coyote'. The poochicle will keep ya goin'.
stay tuned 

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I read your post and hesitated to comment. I saw/read everything and thought yeah thats about it. Hopefully it gets better but he is grinding it out and has coping skills/mechanisms in place.

I didn’t want to sound trite.

My Mother is a psychopath. She has never been correctly diagnosed but it is a fact. Oddly i always felt her love
Growing up. Differently than other kids or family members. But it was there. Perhaps sensing that the apple had not fallen too far from the tree I didn’t get the five second rule response my older siblings got. “Mom always takes five seconds to respond. Have you noticed this’?” It became a long running joke. Now with her mind a circus if squirrels juggling lightsabers she is her blunt self. The five second rule that allowed her to formulate an answer that was, if not abrasive at least less abrasive. She remembers me easier than my Sister that sees her three times a week. It is pure torture for her and in that vein I’ve commented here what I told her. “It don’t mean nothing.” This incorrect slogan was apparently coined by Marines taking Hamburger Hill in Viet Nam. The orders, impossible, the odds stupid, the reason…optics. Dying for that and those reasons were unsupportable in any way. Fear, hatred, anger, disillusionment. “It don’t mean nothing…” was all they had to hold onto and not go mad. Time went on and Brass thought better and Hill 937 was abandoned.

When I recently visited my Mom she said. “Oh Scotty I thought you died in Russia.?”

“Well I did but Satan thought I’d unionize the place so he sent me back.” I responded. .

“Well thats good not that you come and visit you’re dying Mother once in a while whats it been three weeks? You must have better things to do?”

(It had been seven months)

“Course I have better things to do than listen to you bitch and moan about dying but never ever getting the game accomplished. God you’re as bad as Sandford and Son. “

To which she hit me, and called me a cheeky bastard and got distracted by tea being delivered.

Marley said. “If she is easy, she won’t be worth it. If she is worth it, she won’t be easy. Which one is worth suffering for?”

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One of those posts I shuld have typed and deleted, butat 12 beers deep, i didn't care and just sent it.

I'd be cool with its deletion.

Shit's stressful, and the trajectory is depressing.

Thanks for the words.

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