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Oh Jenny...
I'm posting this as a reminder. Never, evah, click the links!

Someone, somewhere, is still falling for this foolishness!


There's a old facebook messenger hack that still goes around where a friend (who has already been hacked) sends you a PM that says something like "LOOK WHO DIED" and a link. If you click it, you've just lost your whole facebook account. It gives them full access, they change your password, and drain any funds they can if you use facebook pay. 


Don't use facebook pay. They will still send the message to ALL of your friends, continuing to search for who they can bankrupt.
Don't click links. 
Don't trust that a good friend hasn't been hacked.

Do turn on 2 factor authentication on Facebook if you use it. This stops them from changing your password, but doesn't prevent them accessing your account and sending messages to your friends. AND draining your funds if they can.
Do set your friends list to be viewable to ONLY ME.
Do go over all your privacy settings again--as things change a setting may change to a default you don't want.
Do go through all logged in devices and log everything out you don't recognise.

I had to deal with this for a family member. There was no facebook pay involved thank goodness, but I was unable to recover the account at the time. We were able to turn on 2 factor authentication. We think Facebook eventually defaulted his account back to his very first password, which he discovered one day as he tried every old password he had. Another thing is, it had been about 2 months since he clicked the link before the hack sent out messages!! They must go through everything in order as they gain access.
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I’ve been Facebook less for years. 

Don’t miss it at all.
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Time for a bump.
stay tuned 

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