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Is email ever really private?
Yes , no or don't care , here's a vid about it.
stay tuned 

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It can be if done right, but in general, not really especially if you use any type of WiFi.

  Without getting into all the nitty-gritty technical talk, any signal that goes out over the airwaves can be intercepted.  However, there is a silver lining.

  Contrary to what the VPN, Proxy Server etc ads scarily put out there, most hackers are not interested in the emails of normal people.  They really don't care about you explaining to your mom how your day has been or your best friend trying to console you after a hard break up.  Honestly, all that is completely boring to them.  Most hackers aren't after your emails, they are after information they can actually use (like bank login details, your netflix login so they don't have to pay for it etc).

  These are why having some kind of VPN is preferable, especially if you use public wifi.  This doesn't include things like the wifi hotspot on your phone or the wifi router in your RV.  Think more like the wifi at McDonalds, Starbucks or the airport, that kind of thing.  In those cases they can do what's called 'spoofing'.  

  In a easy to understand nutshell, spoofing is setting up their own publicly accessible wifi network with a name similar to the name of the public wifi at the place of business they are at (for example 'StarbucksFreeWifi' instead of 'Starbucks Wifi' or whatever Starbucks calls theirs).  Heck even when accessing public wifi you can get around actually needing a VPN by simply confirming with the staff there which one is theirs, though I would still recommend a VPN if you are using public wifi.  I would also not recommend accessing anything financial when on a wifi that isn't secured.

  Even when spoofing, though, they aren't interested in your 'boring' emails, they are after things like financial information and such.

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