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Sternwake would have done it differently
The other day I ran the rv and checked out the readings. Several gauges were not showing what they were supposed to. Other tests showed that the systems that they were connecting to were actually working. So I pulled out the dashboard panel. 

I found several wires on different gauges were damaged. Either vibration or critter chewed. 

The pigtail were small wires and twisted together to keep them compact. I might have replaced them by soldering in new ones. That would have meant that I would need to buy tools and use skills that are 30 years in the past. I was not that good with the heat control of this kind of work, so I just ordered some new pigtails. The last thing I want is for something I fixed to break while being used. 

Sternwake probably won’t appreciate my taking the easy way out. 

Every time I approach any electrical repair I try to think of how he would do the repair

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Compared to parenting, Cat herding is less complicated
Critter damage!
Wondering about wandering
Id a probably gone so.ocd that a 2 hour project would have been atripped o bare steel covered with epoxy and fiberglass, the dash re built,.voltmeters and pote tiometers everywhere, costing thousands and wasted hours that the biggezt time waster alive woukd be envious of.

Then forget somethjng vital after the last screw was tightened.
Then broken everythjng upon disassembly

Then start considering accellerants and wind directions.
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Skuh kuh kuh kuh 
Well John , I think he just approved your choice ! Remembering your limits is a good skill in retirement. 
Even though you didn't do it "his way".  Tongue
(He'll probably hit you with a sub orbital wrench if you don't use some Deoxit though.) Rolleyes
stay tuned 

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Epoxy and fiberglass. I knew I forgot something. 

It took longer to open up the dashboard than it did changing out the pigtails. 

I hope my cats are too big to climb up under there now. 

All pins were clean and shiny, so I didn’t want to spray anything in the dashboard wire mess. The pigtails went in with a satisfying click and everything functioned perfectly. 

I love a clean electrical assembly.
Compared to parenting, Cat herding is less complicated
You might want to get some glue traps and place them in and around the RV.
Wondering about wandering
(02-10-2023, 05:49 AM)tx2sturgis Wrote: You might want to get some glue traps and place them in and around the RV.

With three cats and a dog inside?  

Six cats, three dogs, many nursery’s of raccoons, and other critters have run of the place. Glue boards would make me extremely unpopular with the community.

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Compared to parenting, Cat herding is less complicated
You can fold glue traps into a triangle and hide them up inside the dash...or place them in pet-proof plastic boxes made for the job.

And I was assuming the critter damage is being done during un-occupied storage...that might not be correct.
Wondering about wandering
Are we talking about a certain someone as if they are no longer with us?

If not, then "would do it differently" might have been a better choice of words.

-Occasional grammar Nazi.
I think the use of the past tense is accurate.

I'm not in the same zone as I once was, physically or spiritually, emotionally.

Analysis paralysis OCD in a weird confluence of indifference, have taken over.

Trying to do the right thing, seemingly being at odds with what otherwise would be best for myself, if I were indeed the nihilistic sociopath I can only pretend to be.
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