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What is prime shipping?
Amazon Prime still says “two day shipping “. 

What does that mean?  Every single item I order takes 7 to 10 days to get here. 

I remember ordering a gift while in LA and it was delivered the same day. 

Has the Quartzsite post office taken over the delivery service?  (Quartzsite will not deliver the mail. You must go there to get it)
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Prime shipping is a great way for amazon to capture more of your money.. lol
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  • rvpopeye (01-07-2023)
eh same happens on all shipping LOL

I ordered kiddo present from like Michigan company and got 'will be 7-10 days free' and the darn thing came I swear overnight and on doorstep late on the next day? hmmm
then I order 'be there in 2 days' and it takes 11 LOL

I think it is how they re-route thru their distribution centers if the product is closer in ship from the original company ordered etc? All about distribution centers and locations. which I ain't got a full clue on but I see the effects like you do Smile works later on some stuff, very very super fast on other stuff you expect not to see in at least a week.

I know one thing I always get in time is my damn bills in the mail HAHA
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  • Texjbird (01-08-2023)
Prime shipping used to be great.  The last couple of years the "two  day shipping" thing morphed into "two days after we get around to shipping it".

I recently cancelled Prime and have no regrets. Lockers and hubs still usable without it, Prime CC still works (without the extra cashback for Amazon purchases).
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I got.rid.of prime.6+ years ago, cause screw bezos.
My orders.since showed either in 4 day.
My e bay orders from us sellers arrive surprisingly quick, sometimes.from a prime.truck.
No 25$minimum for free shipping either.

Amazon is too big.
dont feed the tyrant.
I noticed in 2022 that some eBay orders were being fulfilled by Amazon, and some Amazon orders were fulfilled by eBay sellers.

Competition is an illusion in the Borg collective.

A lot depends on the location of the Amazon facility that has the item. When the item(s) are located in Las Vegas, I can receive it quicker, usually. Located in middle America or further east, then not so quick.

Major storms will affect cross continental truck/plane traffic.

Amazon is firing a lot of employees this year, morale and service will not improve. Robots aren't programmed to demand a labor union.
I agree with competition being an illusion. Some same sellers on eBay or Amazon. Difference is some eBay will mark green refillable propane as Calif ok and Amazon sellers tend to follow silly rules more closely.

As for shipping. Over ten large shipped last year to Can/Mex/California, and Texas addresses. Only one shipment went astray and that was being delivered by UPS and Not Amazon. I do the prime thing when I need to but most of the time I do the less packaging put it all together for me route.

Four day shipping to a village in Mexico and small village. Overnight to 2 weeks in Canada but not once did I get stung customs or taxes. Same day to two weeks in SoCal. 8 am crap I need silver solder and copper 4 gauge crimps. Noon delivered to the door.

Past those things I watch Prime Tv and while I don’t listen to music as I have apple or use their pic storage application. As I already pay for it on Apple. Those would be a definite plus for some people. I find the regional watch law restrictions easier to spoof with Prime over Netflix or Disney.

So I’ve had it for seven plus years five of which I used it for movie watching in other countries and shipping to Numerous addresses. Didn’t care about fast. But when I needed it now…I got it.

As for quartzite middle of the desert. Sure deliver to courier shop and have the shop bring it to you. Whatcha want for 100 bucks a year. Anytime I’ve had to return or the one time refund as not delivered. No issue no fuss. Back on my card in 24 hours.

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The video service worked for me for about two weeks last year sometime. I spent most of my time reading downloaded books. Years ago I had plenty of video access. 

Modern problems. It could be much worse.
Compared to parenting, Cat herding is less complicated

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