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oh geez! battery problems
It's so tempting really. I have to get an inspection, pay for insurance again, and get it registered in February. I was hoping to get it sold before all that, but now it's not looking likely. There's a lot to the "story" that I haven't shared. I've been through ups and mostly downs with possible buyers and consignment places the last week or so. Now it's just frustrating.
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Yeah , I bet it is.
Still time to get your wish though..
stay tuned 

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  • Kyz (01-20-2023)
Some members on auto based forums, have convinced each other, and thus themselves, that there is no difference between the 100 and 300$ batteries other than the warranty.
They often use the website battery weight as their absolute proof.

They might be right, sometimes.
I've heard there are only a few places that make all the batteries.
But I doubt that all are to the same specs.
I buy starter batteries at Wally's cuz there's always one within 20 miles or so it seems and I do buy the maxx top tier model. They last pretty good too IMO. I bought Deka's for my trucks while on the road working . They were great , and the battery/tire place was right around the corner from mom's and he got me fresh ones and discounted 'em cuz I bought all my tires from him too. ...............There's a glass headshop there now , the big chain places came in and drove him out of business arrrrrrgh.
stay tuned 

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Seems that auto starting batteries are coming from many countries now, mexico, saUdi arabia, korea. A wally world.bttery on one side of this country can be different than 3 states away.

I.dont really think that even a well researched consumer can actually pick a superior
Flooded starting Battery by branding, sticker or COI.

I think wally good due to high turnover and multiple locations.
costco intersttes have no hassle.returns.

Maintenance free starting batteries seem to be taking over. Caps.under stickers but such btteries are not intended to be refilled amd will likely die before they run low on water.

If deeply cycled unintentionally , the maintenance free starting bttery should be brought to 15v and held there until amps stop tapering to near zero.
No so called smartchargers will do this, but good enough might be that and.perhaps the warranty employed within the free replacement period.
The prorated usually not worth it.

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