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So , how do you get started ?
I am a retired computer service tech, and my degree is in electronics. Yep, I have a multimeter. I know this is a manual for folks who are new to this. Smile
Yep, this is why I'm convinced it is electrical. When it works, it works. Not sure about the rain being the common denominator. Maybe, that's why I included it in the list of things happening this morning. I said that I was about to call the professionals, but I had a few things to try first, stalled by the rain.

1. My electrical system is a cross contaminated mess. My first/next thing to do was going to be hook up the rolling charger to the starter battery and see what it shows. I have to do this to start it anyway, and it is time for the monthly (err, 2 months?) start.

2. I watched Dr. YouTube and I know basically what the few wires showing do. There is a thermal fuse that the guy in the video suspected with his problem. I wiggled all the wires and decided a next step was to get the multimeter and check that fuse. It is on a brown wire and looks like a tape wrapped something. I figured it couldn't be too expensive and next time I'm in a parts store I'll look to pick one up.

3. In my inspection the green wire coming off the control board goes to a small screw in the corner of the board that seems to move too freely. This is the ground for the board. iAgain, when it stops raining I'll go see if I can tighten it up just a bit.

I suspect the control voltage/ground since the water heater and furnace started acting weird (intermittent) around the same time. My coach batteries (6 6V heavy duty lead acid) don't really work right, and the starter battery runs down when parked. The 'brain' inverter/converter/transfer switch looks original ('94) and professional told me it is on it's last legs when he was out last month when I blew the coach electricity running too many things. I'm working on the correct way to hold my mouth when turning things on and off. It is a nice coach even though old, and I'm enough of a shade tree tech that I keep working on it.

And this is what living full time in an older Class A can look like.
Good , a meter is essential for this type of problem .
Hmmmmm , That's a lot of battery to keep topped off !
Battery sulfation could also be in that problematic mix.
I'm pretty confident we , well you can figure this out..
stay tuned 

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I am immediately going with the Sternwake solution. 

Deoxit. Clean your connections. 

30 year old wires tend to oxidize.
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I hate electrical. not big on electrical fixes. you 'feel' your elect issues you go after it. elec. can be so 'one spot' only in a long long line of what ifs but you will narrow down, you got the gumption to do it and find the issue! electrical, ugh, feel for ya on this one.
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