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The Q and I have lost another friend
I am invoking the plausible diability clause on any misspelled words, miss used words, or lack of punctuation on both this and all future posts that I make here.

Y'all May notice that Queenie and I still have our eyeliner to live in.

Early this last Saturday Bob passed away.  I first met he and his family back in 1981 when I moved from Texas back to Alabama where my grandfather who adopted me was born up around Birmingham.  I reconnected at that time with one of my half sisters.  Our biological mother and her father in various other relatives that I had never met previously.

Bob's father and my biological mother or in the same orphans home in 1939 in Oklahoma.     Many years later Paul my sister's father and Roland Bob's father were in the military in the army and we're based at various places all around the world.  They ended up buying property just outside fort Rucker and building homes on it.  The ironic part about that is neither one of them knew who their neighbor was going to be.  The story is Bob's dad looked out one day and saw the property next door being cleared and he thought oh thank God somebody's bought the jungle next door and is clearing it out.  A few days later he saw the same pick up again I went next door to invite his soon-to-be new neighbor to either a cold beer or a cold glass of sweet tea.

Bob had stage 4 cancer in both lungs and that was on top of being nearly blind a really bad diabetic and having a pacemaker.  He died the way he wanted to in his own home in his bed and had given orders that his body was not to be displayed that if any family wanted to come and say a final goodbye that would be fine but he was scheduled for a rapid cremation. Since I'm such a night owl I usually stayed up all night doing laundry washing dishes sitting in the kitchen at the table working on various things and The neighbor next door would come in around 6:00 and have breakfast and speak with Bob and visit with him and then she would go home I'd usually get up summer time around 9:00 or 10:00 after a good nap and he passed away sometime between her leaving around 7:00 and another friend of mine who had come to stay with us to help with Bob called at 9:00 a.m. and talk to Bob and let him know that she was on her way back to the house and he passed away before she got here.

He didn't dwell on his pending death a lot not verbally with others and he kept a good sense of humor even up until the night before he passed away.  Sometimes he would use two different types of oxygen and he would have a canola going into his nose and then he would have a mask over his nose also to assist in his breathing.  He was a restless sleeper sometimes the first thing to go in the night would be his mask if we were lucky he didn't turn over and pull off the whole machine into the floor that was okay I knew how that's a tough machine I've had to put two or three pieces of plastic back on at once but it didn't stop.

Usually in his restless sleep he'd take the mask off and pitch it over his shoulder and it land somewhere on the bed if not the floor.   I'd often fuss at him and ask him depending on where that mask and landed if he could breathe better through his butt than he could so his nose with the mask back there and he he would always laugh at that one and he'd say well I don't think it's working well tonight and we'd get him all put back together and he'd go back to sleep.

Queenie's brother Ratt Dawg is joining our Merry Band.  We may stay here at Bob's home or we may hit the road in the Safari & eyeliner<<<<<{some things never change} Angry  they both need some work the Safari more than the eyeliner I believe.

Jewellann and the Merry Band
Tongue      I AM CRAZY          
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Sorry to hear 'bout Bob TJB .
Sounds like you will have some good memories of him.
Hope things work out so you can follow your dreams sooner than later .
Stay Tuned

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My condolenses to you, Bob's family, and the pups.
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