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Video Embedding Seems Not Working
Hi Mods, 

The forum offers an option to embed videos it seems (film looking icon above text feild). 

Yet when I try to post with an embedded vid from YouTube I keep getting error message: "You cannot post clickable links to this forum threads and posts."

Please help.
I’ve had issues loading iPhone 13 big pictures. So videos?!? Not sure. Someone else will
Chime in but as a mod I saw your post and thought I’d say hell
I don’t know. Someone will.

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This is how I do it..
Copy the URL of the YT vid and paste it in the reply .
Stay Tuned

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  • Kyz (09-06-2022)
And don’t forget to add a short description (including that it is a video link) for those with limited bandwidth Smile
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  • Kyz (09-06-2022)
What Popeye said. There is a plugin installed that will show a preview of the video and it will play right in the thread. The video link doesn't work for most. Oddly enough, it seems to show for tapatalk users.
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