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LooC (Lucy)
Total cream of the crop. Number one. When shared as an experience we can do what “He whose name shall never be spoken” had originally intended to be the purpose of this forum to help others and learn from others and support one another like a family. Little things Like Doug, Paula and the cats immediately inviting the STM and his family to the prearranged chicken dinner. As well as some mild child minding. Lol. Jessie helped in that regard too. Playing Fellini the great photographer. To a very precocious and smart little thing.
STM and I marveled as the van tossed code after code on his Snap On computer yet step by step harness apart wire by wire. Fix replace, resoldered. Traced while lying on the ground. So when I need a new blown Coyote motor “stealth’d” and stage 5 tranny placed in my rig guess who I’ll be going to. He is part of our tribe, and we are part of his. We’ve shared experiences and bread we have a connection. A connection like here. A connection that says we got you. Connected we can help all and be helped by all.

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