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Dust and Flooding at the same time, end times?
Yes, it can happen and has happened in Nevada.

Checking on a closure NV-266 which runs from Oasis, CA to Lida Junction (US-95) I find this report from NV DOT:

I have been down (and up) that road, but no dust or water.
Valley fever and flash floods . The things you find out about AFTER you move there !

I did blow out a brake booster there though.
It was new and just defective .
So I can't blame the road.

I remember flash floods in Tucson (it's basically a big bowl surrounded by mountains),,,every 10th street was several feet lower than the rest and doubled as rivers when it rained. Danger danger !!
stay tuned 

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Dust and flooding mean’s mud 

I don’t know if that is better than an ice storm or not.
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Dust Bowl.
Massive mud slides and flooding.
yes it can easily happen together as the top water releases the dry earth underneath and wowza, crazy crap can go down.
yea we got a spooky Earth and that is for sure thru all the crazy it can send us.
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That route is crazy, multiple high summits that descend to low valleys, with multiple S curves up and down. I kept it in low gear most of the way down. to keep the brakes cool. and up to keep moving. Pulled over often wherever possible to let cars get past. I probably will never take it again, just happened to check it on Google and wondered what the current road closure was about. Guessing mudslides on the pavement, that as they dry up release dust clouds.

Better route is US-6 between Bishop, CA and Tonopah, NV. A wider highway that goes up and down fewer times.

Getting to Mammoth Lakes from Tonopah this year, I took Benton Crossing Road to US-395 from CA-120, instead of going to US-396 at Lee Vining, or staying on US-6 to Bishop.

Last year I rode my motorcycle on that scenic Benton Crossing route. The class C was a whole 'nother thing.

The CA inspection station on US-6 asked a different question this year, not the usual "fruits or veggies", they have asked for decades, they asked about "firewood and plants", I don't have either, ever.
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  • rvpopeye (08-06-2022)
My last trip across NM, and Arizona, westbound, on I-10 and I-8, I had solid 30mph headwinds with bigger gusts, and spotty rain showers. So alternatively dusty and rainy.

There were streaks on my white paint, quite revealing, as to airflow.

It indicated that the air was forced upward, beyond 90 degrees in front of front tires.
There was a clean spot for about 6 inches behind the amber turn signals, but behind that muddy streaks reaching forwards before making a 110 degree turn with the expected airflow direction.

No Wonder so much wind noise comes through A pillars on either side of the windshield. Turbulent air converges right there

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