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LiFePo4. 12v 400amp
I am replacing my batteries.   They are 5 years old.
About 18 months ago I nearly drained them completely.    After charging back up, they appear to be working fine…but, as I have added a bigger load this summer,  I think I am seeing that they might have lost 10-20% of their original capacity.    They were fine until I added a freezer and then swamp cooler.   (My daily use when to about 240 amps)

So…I figure they still have 50% lifespan left in them.    

They have the bottom balancers built in.   I am including the top balancers.    There is no BMS….but easy enough to handle.   

I will offer them free to this community first.   pickup in Deming, New Mexico.
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  • rvpopeye (06-08-2022)
“Missed it by that much…”. Generous offer nice to see inside our community.

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As lithium batteries age they tend to slowly decrease available capacity...the battery will drain faster, but can be charged faster.

Lead acid batteries behave a differently as they age and lose capacity. They will discharge faster, but will take LONGER to fully recharge. Sometimes much longer.

The end result is that the lithium (lifepo4 in this case) battery is still returning roughly the same energy as it is able to store, so it will still have some usable life, just maybe not as much you need for your situation.

Hopefully someone will be able to pick them up and make good use of them.

Thanks for the donation to the community!
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  • RoamingKat (06-08-2022)

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