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if it was a 'cure all for Alpha Gal it would be RAMPANT on the internet' and I googled who was 'not cured' thru acupuncture with it and TONS of posts came up too but many did well.

not a cure ever.

pharma is not the is the individual person who makes or breaks a treatment that works and literally there is no ever 95% scientific study on acupuncture at all I can find about this being some cure all..........nope.............never saying some don't get fixed here................saying there is 'no science or info study' or anything to support ever 90+ are 'cured' in any way so???

your thoughts are not mimicking mine kinda in a way. One can't blame big pharma if in this age and day we can't 'post an certain end all cure' for something and it is just the smallest blip ever on the there was a cure for cancer eating 2 lbs of turnips per day would it be out there and known worldwide....damn right it would be with TONS of science studies happening for just that but there is no backup for the acupuncture cause I think it is 'so individual' to the human body per person that it can't ever be 90% or more as some cure..............cause nothing supports this anywhere that I can find.

one can always scream we are being f'd up and scammed and controlled to every level, a ton of times we are, we all know that but it would be nice Popeye if you put some of your daily effort into actually 'calculating and researching' the data I am on the subject kinda Smile keep bleeping big pharma, big money, we screwed all the time gets old without any real reserarch and backup to those posts!
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When my niece was a teen and living with me at the time she woke up one morning looking like she’d had a stroke. Half of her face had fallen? It was awful. She couldn’t even close her eye on that side of her face. That half just hung there. A smile was a half smile. I rushed to to the ER and they determined that she had not had a stroke at all but had Bell’s palsy.

I have no idea if there is a treatment for it now but there wasn’t anything then. Several doctors later we really started getting worried. She would close her eye with her fingers at night and tape a quarter on it so it would stay closed for sleeping.

I had taken her mother to accupuncture before for a terrible back and had success so i thought why not try? Poor kid was understandably distraught.

I was living south of Albuquerque at the time and knew they had an accupuncture school that didn’t charge a lot so took her there.

They treated her and said she needs to come back for two more days in a row. We did and the Bell’s palsy was gone and has never returned. She’s about 38 years old now.

The nurse in John’s Doctor’s office was the one that actually told me about taking him to accupuncture for the Alpha gal. She said that there are lots of folks down there who have it as it’s a rural farming community and people get tick bit. She said that after accupuncture they are good to go.

I went to accupuncture for pain and the VA actually sent me. I will never be pain free but it has helped significantly, much more than the large array of meds tried. I asked the Doc if he treated Alpha gal as my husband has it. In his broken English he said, “Alpha Gal easy”. So I made John an appointment.

He told John that mostly one treatment was enough. Johns blood test for alpha gal was higher than his doc had ever seen and maybe that’s why he’s had to have a second treatment. The first did work for awhile but then symptoms started to ease back.

I think that accupuncture has been around for much, much longer than modern medicine. Is it a cure all for everything? No but neither is western medicine. It’s worth a try for sure.
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Big pharma does not have a dog in the AG fight. They have ABSOLUTELY no reason to research the viability of any cure that does not include DRUGS.

18.6 Billion income for EACH new drug created. That is an average.

A medical practice that does not purchase their products is a liability to them, so with this much money at stake they hire researchers to look at other things. Not at acupuncture.

With only 3% of the population, the US pays more than 50% of the total drug costs.

In Algadones, Mexico, I can buy a $400 bottle of meds for around $20 to $30 bottle. Big anything is power. Absolute power.

Absolute power corrupts absolutely
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Well after going through a couple of acupuncture sessions, I was able to eat meat again. Then I got bit again. I ended up removing about six in one week. My numbers went up to around 5,000. Currently they are about 3600. Normal is >.01. 

Now I worry about cross contamination. 

I went into a Subway to get a turkey sandwich. I requested fresh gloves. No problem. She put on fresh gloves, cut my bread open, and asked me what meat I wanted. I asked for turkey, and she immediately started pushing down the meat in the other bins. She started with the pork, beef, chicken, then grabbed a couple slices of turkey. She saw the look on my face and said I got the turkey!  I just said cross contamination and she started to cry. Her supervisor came out and told me that be would make me another sandwich. 

No way. I left. 

I walked in to another one and saw the counter person load up the meats wearing the same gloves. A handful of this and a handful of that.   I can only assume that this is company wide practice. 

Firehouse subs is a lot cleaner but more expensive. At least I don’t have to worry as much. 

Bottom line is that I have lost a lot of weight because I can’t find any safe food.
Compared to parenting, Cat herding is less complicated
Mannnn that sucks , I thought you were done with that alpha crap....arrrrrrrgh
Seems like there are too many fail points in a fast food place..risky business for you !
Just go to the grocery and buy the turkey pre packaged then make your own .
Hopefully the needle guy fixes ya back up.
stay tuned 

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Sorry! I also hope the 'needle guy' can fix you back up again. Quit feeding the ticks!
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Not going back to him. 

If I want to throw away $60 I will just get a massage. I can tell the difference immediately.
Compared to parenting, Cat herding is less complicated
He still won’t spray when he goes out to the grasses and woods.

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