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Is lack of sympathy in others around you one of the symptoms?

More meat for us?
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  • RoamerRV428 (06-05-2022)
(06-04-2022, 06:44 PM)Cammalu Wrote: Too bad. Eat your blueberries you picked this evening.

You'll find Sympathy in the dictionary under "S"
PAULETTE and "Two Cats and THE DOUG"

Whereabouts unknown...……...
Now I want blackberries, preferably juiced and fermented. One of the things I miss out here in the arid west.
Yup. The symphony has the world’s smallest string section and it’s playing just for me.  Big Grin

Marshmallow is not a plant but made from bones.
Compared to parenting, Cat herding is less complicated
Don't worry GS I will eat all those ribs for you. Just know they are all going to a good home, or um, tummy Smile
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(06-05-2022, 01:54 PM)GotSmart Wrote: Marshmallow is not a plant but made from bones.

Somehow they aren't as appealing now. Confused
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