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float at 14.1 volts
i'm ass u me ing it's because of the cold weather,sound right?

thought it might be the controller trying to equalize but not having enough sun so hooked up the converter and let it go through a charge cycle but the solar controller went back to 14.1v float

didnt notice it until winter hit,prior 13.6v was the norm
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I think you've got it figured out.
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Most controllers set for flooded or AGM will ramp up the voltage a bit when the temp sensor is hooked up, or if the controller has a built in temp sensor, and that sensor reports a really cold temperature.

It's called temperature compensation.

It's done because lead acid batteries typically are a bit sluggish accepting a full charge when the electrolyte is at sub-freezing temps.

Charging takes longer, so the voltage is increased to push a few more electrons into the battery before the sun sets.
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