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Informed delivery USPS
Yesterday I was texting my sis and told her she had mail coming from me. She rarely checks her box so I always let her know if I send something.

She texted me that she already knew something was coming the day I sent it out. What???? Huh. I asked her more.

Seems there is a FREE service with USPS and they take a pic of your mail when someone sends you something and you get an email about it..

Anyway I signed up for my KY address but not AZ yet.
big brother knows so much more about you before we ever will LOL

humans are tracked. too bad our tracked packages don't have that same diligence and efficiency when we want them delivered HAHA
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What it amounts to is that you get an email advising you of a snail-mail.

How ironic is THAT?

Guess which one will arrive first: email or snail-mail.

You get one one guess.
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I can get notified of incoming letter sized junk mail, and there's not much of that.

The only letter sized mail that I care about is annual vehicle registrations and insurance cards,

The insurance cards I can download and print out at the library.
think it's ups but you can see where the delivery truck is on their site,out by the lake,be here in 30 min
"not of the body"
I tried to sign up for informed delivery a while back, but it wouldn't work for my Livingston address. Maybe I'll try it again. Thanks for the reminder.

Edit: Still a no. Maybe they have an agreement with the mail service not to cover those address. It's an added service by Escapees mail service...for $10/month. Can't let someone do it for free I guess.  Sad
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(12-04-2021, 05:03 PM)Kyz Wrote:  Can't let someone do it for free I guess.  Sad

yea, ain't that the truth!!
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Oh geez…. How does the postal service know her email?

This was an old scam. Get an email supposedly from the post office … but postage due…just email back you credit card info for delivery.

Stopped my Mom from sending this…
Pointed out to her there was NO WAY they knew her email.
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