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What did you cook in your vehicle (van, RV, etc) today?
I bought a very small air fryer and am learning what works and what kinda doesn’t. One easy peasy is pre breaded frozen chicken or fish. Nice and crunchy everytime. On the other hand I tried to batter some shrimp and cook it and it was a miserable failure.

I asked JiminDenver about solar ovens and he has six different ones. The only one he recommended to me was the American Sun solar oven. They are kinda pricey but I may pull the trigger one day. Maybe he will see this post and explain.
Black bean and tvp chili. Well, I made it a couple of days ago. A big pot to last days. I tend to do soups and stews and one pot things that way so I can eat for days without making a new mess.
What is tvp?

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Textured vegetable protein. Works great for replacing crumbled ground beef in anything. If you get the seasonings right it’s hard to tell apart in things like taco meat and chili. I want to try it in a certain hamburger broccoli casserole I like. That recipe has crescent rolls and cream cheese and jack cheese. The TVP and broccoli are the only healthy parts
Sounds yummy.
I cooked... BACON this morning. In the foodi/air fryer. Using it tonight to make "chicken, bacon, ranch skillet" also in the foodi on saute setting.

Chopped up chicken tenderloins with plenty of cajun seasoning saute'd until done. Add back in some crumbled bacon and cheese. When bacon is warm and cheese is melty, put on plate, add some ranch on top.
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I like to have bacon with my bacon.
Stay Tuned

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