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Live in my MB ML350 or pull a travel trailer?
I have a MB ML350 with 100k miles. Well maintained. I want to remove the passenger seat and modify vehicle to live in full time for about a year as I travel throughout the country. I am in process of selling all my possessions and home. I lost my daughter 15 weeks ago the only thing that brings me solace is the idea of living on the road. I’ve wanted to do this for a very long time. Fear is no longer stopping me because I am already walking through the worst pain. I work remotely so I am researching WiFi boosters. Would it be better to get a travel trailer or live in my SUV? I really want to live in my SUV but want to hear the opinions of current van dwellers.
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Welcome, I'm sorry for your loss.

Did you come straight here without passing through CRVL? I did not know that this alternate path/hangout was that well known outside of CRVL. I don't get around much.

Do your friends all drive Porsches? Nothing personal, just the follow on song line to Abnorm's post.

Good luck.
My opinion only. Get a lightweight camper to tow behind your car. Don’t be so fast to liquidate everything. Take time to breath and look ahead. 

I have an idea of your pain, but everyone handles it differently.
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Don’t underestimate your comfort level. Try out a weekend in your car before you decide on anything. So sorry to hear of your loss.
welcome to the site,sorry for your loss

it's an individual thing,i know a woman that travels in a prius also know people who have giant motorhomes

your suv would be good for maneuverability,can park anywhere and get down the tight roads

adding a travel trailer would make parking at a grocery store a little harder but add a lot of room for your comfort
"not of the body"
yeah like room for a bathroom, a shower, a kitchen. Room to own more that what it takes to survive.

I do agree. Pack up the car and go camping. Give it a shot before you change your life
As per previous advice give it a try for a week or more. See how it fits you. Loads of smaller trailers, some with a shower. Added comfort is nothing to scoff at. A small tab or like is hardly much of a hindrance. The getting dressed in an SUV yoga morning got old pretty quick for me. Joints not lubricated with coffee yet...

Sorry for your loss welcome to the forum.

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Welcome aboard CK_Mimi

Saddened to hear about your daughter.

I agree with others to not jump off the deep end at first...
Get yer feet wet trying one style at a time , maybe a week or more each .
You'll know pretty quick what ones won't work for you.

Meanwhile , read all you can find here and ask all the questions that come up.
(there's a huge amount for you to absorb , take little bites or go for it all ! )
There's a LOT of very experienced folks here , any bad advice will not last long ,,,run stuff you find/hear elsewhere and see if anybody salutes...
(especially any new rig purchases)
We'll help get you to a good fit.

Getting rid of your extra clutter is a good idea no matter where you live..IMO.

Join in on any other subject being discussed too. Some will be serious and most will be fun.

One more thing,,,,,,,,,,,,,,We like pics !

And if you're having trouble navigating our forums ,,,again , just ask.

Oh , and it looks like you already have that Benz that Janis sang about ! Skuh kuh kuh kuh kuh ( LOL )
Stay Tuned

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Welcome Mimi
I am so sorry about the loss of your daughter. I also understand you need to focus on you and what will make your life liveable for survival.....time to roam free out on the road!

Great advice on the board.

I would car camp for a few weekends etc and see your comfort level in this vehicle.

A year without 'extra comforts' like another said should never be scoffed at LOL Having a 'total intact small home' with kitchen, bathroom, etc can make life on the road alot easier for sure so a very small tag along camper might be the best bet for you.

but take your time and think about it, which way ya wanna roll. wishing you the best on your move forward to hit the open road!
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