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Live in my MB ML350 or pull a travel trailer?
(06-16-2021, 07:52 PM)Wayne49 Wrote: Welcome, I'm sorry for your loss.

Did you come straight here without passing through CRVL? I did not know that this alternate path/hangout was that well known outside of CRVL. I don't get around much.

Do your friends all drive Porsches? Nothing personal, just the follow on song line to Abnorm's post.

Good luck.

Hi Wayne49 .. I have been following CRVL for about 3 years (while tethered to the demands of a corporate job). My breaking point was the sudden death of my daughter. I  need to make this change. NEED. it feels like the only way to come up for air. 
great lyric. oh, Janice!
So sorry for your loss...

I agree with the previous posts about trying things..
Personally, I evolved my road-abode from a 3/4t truck and 5er (the DogHouse), to Hank: an old Chevy van (pos), to a Elsie: mini-van build, to Miles: an old Dodge van build (not pos), to Nelson: Mid sized SUV pulling FairADay: a cargo trailer build, to my now older Roadtrek named Faith.  Each had/have their merits.. liked them all.. but Love my RT.  Single vehicle, same size as a regular van so easy to drive/park, and has all the good home-comforts. (bathroom, kitchen, heat/ac, standing room, storage, window screens) and does not require any special maintenance .. besides rv upkeep and regular car mechanics. (aka, Not a class-a and Not too big to fit in most shop work bays)
Someone said something about the equation of Comfort vs Freedom.. I decided to try choosing a bit of both.

You will find what works for you- likely by trial and error.. lol
My body is a temple- Ancient and crumbling,  
probably cursed 

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"I have Faith"
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