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Hot Enough Yet?
If not, what works best for you?

When I was in my van, I had my solar panels mounted on top of ladder racks, reflecix on my windows. I would park as close to a stand of trees as possible. A small fan kept a air movement going. 

Any ideas for sharing?
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I just added some reflectix in all the drivers side windows and windshield.  Due to me installing the head unit for the 12k btu mini-split a/c in the uninsulated cab area the cold air was not making it very far. The rest of bus is very well insulated. These a/c's are whisper quiet but the fans do not blow the air very far or hard. I'm ordering a fan now to help the air move towards the back. I block off the back third of my rig with curtain to try an keep the ool air upfront.  Outside afternoon temps 95-97. Bus interior (before reflectix) was topping 87. Recommend any good small powerful fans?
I think Bob recommends 02 Cool fans. They run on D cell batteries or can be plugged into 12VDC.

It is hot here in Idaho ATM. I just put out the awning and sit under it. There is usually a breeze coupled with low humidity isn`t too bad. At least it cools off good at night.

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I have 2 of the O2 Cool fans and use a half gallon garden mister with them (if the humidity isn't 100% like today) out on the "back porch" when it gets too hot.

Sternwake's fan system is in my future when I get a round tuit .
Stay Tuned

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5mm 'smartshield' cut to fit closely to the perimeter, and held tightly against glass, so there is not a gap with superheated air that can migrate into cabin, is key.

I think it is superior to reflectix in heat reflection and not radiating it to the interior. The skin is actual aluminum, not mylar, and it does attenuate Wifi and 4g lte signals more than reflectix.

My windshield and front side windows have custom 5mm Smartshield, and as I still have the older reflectix panels, I double them up and it does substantially reduce the radiated heat, and if tight to the window, convected heat. One of those layers outside the glass and one inside, basically stops any heat radiating from the sun in that direction.

I can also mount my 100 watt flex panel to act as a windshield visor. Attachment points everywhere.

The smoked glass Black conversion van windows radiate a lot of heat into the interior. I use some vinyl cling on mirror type of tint and this reduces that amount. I also use rope cleats/ pad eyes and 3/8" black bungee cords to hold my head and body dog bed pillows/ winter blankets upto the glass preventing any radiated heat getting past. This yields huge decreases in heat radiated to interior when those windows face the sun.

My 3 intake fans,( 170mm, 140mm, and 120mm) on their highest speeds, can draw 200 watts and prevent me from being able to slam the door closed, even with exhaust fans also spinning. Push coolest air from shaded side, exhaust it on hot side. I can hook my fitted bottom sheet over fan corners and my bedding levitates 16 inches over the mattress, even with an activated charcoal filter reducing their flow.
It's not quite as good as freshly laundered sheets to climb into, but way better than bedding that was unventilated and likely smells of oneself.

efficiently Exchanging inside air for outside air is how to keep interior at or below ambinet temperatures. Interior fans to assist that flow from cool intake towards hotter exhaust helps, especially when aimed at hot skin, unless it is over 99f then it feels like a hair drier.

Speed controlling potentiometers, changing voltage, feeding ridiculously powerful fans/lights, everywhere.

But I'd still fry if not near the coastline.
Today 100f+ 12 miles inland, here less than a mile from Pacific, barely hit 80f.

Cold cheap american beer works well, but something which seems to work better at reducing that overheating feeling, is 32f milk. Not really as appetizing as beer, unless washing down a PB&J.

If its less than 65% humidity a wet to damp sarong laid on my body with a powerful fan aimed at it sucks the heat out of me and I can easily and quickly get the chills. If less than 25% humidity then such measures almost work too well, until the sarong too quickly dries.
More than 75%-80% humidity and it does not really work as well and can just feel clammy.

If ridiculously hot, at night, My intake fans, by my head, can be turned on just high enough to levitate my top sheet just over me, forcing all airflow over my body not in the mattress. My dog will plaster her nose right upto the fan grille and we both can sleep surprisingly well when it gets that uncomfortably hot.
dont sit in a metal can,my fiberglass and wood rv in 87f shade temps was 91f in the sun,my truck was 130f

i glued refletix onto some paneling about an 2 inches bigger than my windows to cover them from the inside,makes a huge difference in hot and cold weather

front windshield has a vinyl covering

park in the shade

a fan up there,over there and in-between

move to the west coast,s.f. to seattle on the ocean side rarely gets over 80f
"not of the body"
Until today keeping the shaded windows open pulling in the coolest air, the exhaust fan getting rid of the hottest air and a 20 inch box fan to keep Max happy was enough. The last two days the box fan was more than enough to keep the van I am installing solar in comfortable. Today I needed to fire up one of the A/C's.

I had a nice O2 fan, rechargeable and everything. Compared to a box fan it's a slight breeze.
Today in Lake Havasu, water temperature is 79’. High of 119. 

Stay safe everyone.
Compared to parenting, Cat herding is less complicated
I don't get in water until it is at least 84 degree water. I want to stay in it and not have to jump out because it is too cold!

Thirty degrees when I woke up this morning in Idaho! Getting up to 82 this afternoon.

2000 Roadtrek 200 Versatile "The Beast" (it has been tamed hopefully)  I feed it and it doesn't bite me.   Angel
Now that is perfect boondocking weather.
Compared to parenting, Cat herding is less complicated

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