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Iron on Hem tape
I bought some pants online.
What arrived has a 2 inch narrower waist, and 2 inch longer inseam.

I did not send them back in time.
Stupid printer.

Discovered if I don't eat breakfast, I don't get hungry until dinnertime, 5 days out of 7.
Easier. More economical. Lifestyle change.

I've been shedding weight.  My regular pants now too loose.

The Pants I ordered, now fit my waist, but are 2 inches too long.

Not going to a tailor for a 30$ pair of Dockers
NO sewing machine, or the skills to run one.
No Iron, but I can borrow one.

Does the Iron on Hem tape work long term?
I don’t know how long of a term. But in the military the expectations of front crease, pressings you could cut your finger on was a little annoying. So many of us ran a strip of hem tape down the front and pressed the seam. It worked well for marching up and down parade squares for years (John Clease voice)

You could just cut them and let them fray all ol natural style. It is in fashion here in Saint Petersburg.

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Mom used hem tape for years.
NOT permanent in my experience.

Just get a pack of needles and some good strong thread.
Rug thread or something like that.
A half hour of easy stitching , no need to be perfect just do the job.

If you're like me , it will be fine.
Stay Tuned

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I the sewing section of Walmart there is fabric glue. I’ve used to with good results

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