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dash cams vs. security cameras
I would like to add dash cams & security cameras...should I attempt to merge them into one system or keep them separate?

Ideally, I would like a front, cabin, rear dash cam in case of accidents or getting pulled over.  And I would like to have some security
cameras near the roof, so I can see what is going on around the van when I am parked.

What do people think?
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there are many options to choose from here are a couple i found real quick,just examples

there are some dirt cheap ones but you usually get what you pay for
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I like the concept , this should be a interesting thread .
You want record capabilities on all cameras like current dash cams ?
Would this have to all be wireless or are wires OK?
How long is your rig ? Some longer rigs have problems with losing the signal of far from display cams.
There are some systems of back up cams that have multiple cam views , not sure if they record video though.
Maybe a tablet and webcams ?
If wireless there may be some interference issues with multiple cams transmitting at same time for a thrown together system vs a all in one..
I have seen dash cams with 2 cameras...
Stay Tuned

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I have a dash cam and 1 security camera. I want/need to upgrade both. The dash cam was a cheapo from Amazon. Picture/video not the best, but no issues getting the videos off of the dashcam. It does record in short increments.

I also bought a $60 outdoor security camera from Amazon. It requires the 2.4 band setting on my hotspot, and it does not work well (at least where I'm at right now). The signal doesn't always pick up on it (even though other devices are getting good signal on the 5.0 band). What it does catch and send to my phone (their app) is very clear, but even though a micro SD card is required, the files saved are in .data format and I'm having trouble finding a converter that will do anything other than save as jpg images. Oh, and the camera doesn't seem to record if there is no internet signal available.

I don't know that this helps at all...just my own little saga. Don't go cheap and research, research, research....
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There is a guy on YouTube that does some pretty good reviews of moderate to expensive dash cams. I’ll try to find the link and post it for you.

Separate systems.

They do separate jobs. Similar sure but similar and same is not the same thing.

Dash cam recorders don’t really provide security. They provide evidence for court and perhaps stop asswipe cops from issuing bullshit tickets to out of state plates.

Security cameras let you see what is going on outside so you can step into a situation prepared. It is doubtful you’re going to be recording these 24/7.

Vortex Radar on YouTube. Geeky guy that makes vids about radar units and laser and cameras. You want the cameras. He isn’t a sponsored influencer and does extensive testing.
Good source of info.

Black box my car. Is another one although they are a ship that sells their stuff so...

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Find a 12v systen that doesn't use wifi, I'd find one on Amazon you like & buy it during Amazon days.
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