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Swamp cooler
I never have installed one but I can tell you that it is a secondary start/run capacitor that acts like a small buffer battery to absorb the surge of starting the air conditioner. I believe that even my little window shakers have them which is why my 800 watt generator can start them.

That just helps start it. A rooftop A/C can easily pull 2400 watts running
I believe that this is the answer to your problems. A rooftop air conditioner that produces over 6400 Btu of cooling using just over 500 watts. Oh and did I mention that it is 12 volt? Tracking the sun with your awning you just might be able to run it day and night.

It's what everyone wants. Looks like a RV A/C inside and out. Designed 12 volts for truckers.

It would have been very attractive when I started working out A/C on solar back in 2013. The over $2100 price tag would have been a hindrance though. Then again any lower Btu rooftop unit would have been, 12 volt or 120. The smallest was 9000 Btu and that was more than my ability to produce power could handle.

Some things to think about before you get excited.

A efficient 120 volt version would be less expensive. At this power level you better not be quibbling about inverter loses or you are just not quite there yet.

There is a catch 22 when it comes to running air conditioning on solar. Like my window shaker the 6400 Btu this puts out is not that much cooling but it takes a fair amount of roof space to power it. So to get more cooling power you need a bigger rig with more roof space. Now you have more room to cool and need even more Btu's starting the process over again.

On the other hand a good 9000 Btu mini split only takes 600 watts and cost less too. You just have to figure out what to do with the compressor unit and giant hoses.

The last down side for me is that unless you are building from scratch, pulling wires from the bank to the roof, heavy enough to feed it 12 volts is going to be a joy.

It is pretty though
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Guru convention here today !
Get the info while it's still HOT !
Stay Tuned

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Oh but wow the cost of those 12v roof top AC!!! And, if it break…repairs are a killer.

So, first off…I have no room on the roof. Second, the little 5000btu window ac only cost $100 and if it breaks I just get a new one.

After replace the charge controller last winter….even in January I was pulling 25-30 amps from the roof at mid day. Now, I have not seen a need for AC in the winter….but I guess with the sun more directly over head I would get much closer to the max.

I am in The high desert. Yesterday we hit 104. Gradually working up to 107 this weekend. This will be prefect place to try it out. Assuming I get the RV back any time soon from the shop.

Cammy….I got an inverter with a soft start option. Look at maybe doing that instead of yet another piece of equipment.
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