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Increasing Capacity and Capability
I love it when a plan comes together! Sold my '98 last month made 12 valve 5.9 Cummins 1 ton 12' flat bed in the Dodge wrapper today. 118k actual miles. Only time I've seen an engine not lose it's value. It was a $5k adder when new & still today. Bought 2 Evercross H5 Scooters for $599ea Ebay cancelled. So I know they go up & Amazon was $699 had a sale for $$509. Now Amazon is $799 & Ebay is over $1200, worked well, li-ion 800 watt 48v. Just order a extra li-ion batteries with what I saved. I think the 3 speeds is a great idea & it seem to have the best suspension as I have a broken back.
Foldable electric scooter designed to let you travel in style and serves as fun way to explore the scenery.
Evercross E-scooter
With the advanced performance and design.
Smooth and Secure E-Brake
IPX5 Water-Resistant
10-inch Dual Durable Tires
Built-In Front LED Lights
EVERCROSS is trustworthy, our brand create value with heart.
2021 New Version, Enjoy Stronger Power, Greater Range and Higher Speed.
This is a perfect premium electric scooter for adults with significant improvements. Evercross e-scooter is more powerful. It's the great choice for high quality, comfortable riding and offers an extra-long range. The detachable seat give you a higher riding comfort & joy and the front- rear- shock absorption system, bright front lamp, side colorful lights and brake LED lights support your max safety while riding.
Max. Mileage: 31 miles
4-6 Hrs Fast Charging
330Lbs Max Load
18650 Battery capacity: 48V 10Ah
28 mph Top Speed *Top speed may be impacted by battery level, Road conditions, load and available traction
One-Step Folding
Easy to Store. Lightweight, portable and Foldable, Take It Anywhere. It is a combination of perfect deisgn and portability When folded, the whole electric scooter is very compact, easy to carry and convenient to store in the trunk.
Smooth Comfortable Safe Ride
Evercross electric scooter built with high-strength, lightweight aerospace-grade aluminum alloy. 10-inch tires for a more comfortable riding. Enhanced riding experience provided with faster acceleration plus stronger climb capability.
Advanced Integrated Control System
Electric scooter adopt the core cruise control tech, easy to maintain smooth and stable cruise control. This increase the comfort feeling for riders, as well as optimizes battery for longer rides. Cruise control not recommended in complicated road conditions
Cool & Joyful Ambient Light
The colorful chassis lights are more vibrant and eye-catching when gliding, making sure you are the center of attention.
EVERCROSS electric scooter features the ultra-bright headlights with a range of up to 50ft and braking tail light. Headlights are essential for night riding, our headlamp is the professional night searchlight.
Upgraded Motor & Long Battery Life
The upgraded 800W powerful electric brushless hub motor allows for speeds up to 28mph. High capacity battery (48V) with a Max travel range of up to 31 miles under specific conditions, and max load of 330 lb
Maximum Power 800
Wheel Size 10 in
Nominal Battery Capacity 480Wh
Maximum Charging Time 6 Hrs 3.5 Hrs 3.5 Hrs
Dimension 50*13*45.6 inches 42*17*45 inches 41*16.5*42.5 inches
Product details
Item Weight : 44 Pounds
Evercross Review with Speed Range Acceleration and Hill Test
Electrek Revolution
Customer Review: Safe, durable, and the comfort is beyond compare!
Lynne Brosco
Best Electric Scooters 2021
Tech Mart
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Customer questions & answers
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Question:Are the tires replaceable? What kind of battery and are they replaceable?
Answer:yes the tires are replaceable , here's the link DGSD Electric Scooter Tire, 10×2.70-6.5 Explosion-Proof Solid Tire, Non-Slip Wear-Resistant Thick Rubber, Maintenance-Free and Puncture-Resistant Tire,2pcs on amazon
battery life top speed make sure led lights turn signal rear wheel much fun back tire seat post easy to assemble miles per love this scooter front and rear heavy duty well built power button front wheel rear tire per hour fully charged
5.0 out of 5 stars A faster scooter for those who have a need for speed
Reviewed in the United States on December 26, 2020
Color: BlackVerified Purchase
We have tested so many scooters that have passed through the office here, covering some of the biggest names to names we had never heard of before. So we can be a little snobby at times since we know where the bar of quality should exist for various features. Thankfully, this model seems to do quite well with staying on our good side.
For example, the quality of the motor is fantastic. It is very quiet, very smooth, and so very fast. This places it right where it should be when comparing it to other scooters within that same price range. The feature list lands right where it needs to and the quality of the motor does too.

It says up to 28mph, however, we were able to get it up to 30+ in perfect/flat conditions on a clear road. We took it around the back loading areas of our building as well as into nearby neighborhoods having a complete blast with it. It handles well, slows well, and isn't too terribly heavy for what it can do. This would be a great scooter when you are looking to travel longer distances, let it be between neighborhoods or across the city (depending on the distance of course).
Distance is great thanks to battery life. You have access to everything right in front of you with the simple controller interface that shows charge, speed, mode (gear), etc. You can adjust where you want it to set for the best comfort and to match your hand coordination between the throttle and the right brake lever.

The kickstand is durable and can maintain the weight of the scooter just fine. Everything else seems to have been carefully built using quality parts as well. Putting it together is simple since most of it comes ready to go. You just have to unfold a few things, lock them in place, screw the front light on, and then piece the seat/bar together and onto the scooter.

It does come with all of the tools you will need to work on the scooter with. Everything is easy to get to, except for that before-mentioned bolt you have to access through the wheel on the other side since the wheel itself blocks a lot of your access (so that can get a little tricky). Everything else is simple and readily accessible.

In the end, we wound up really liking this scooter and thought it was a great comparison to something like Razor's EX-R, only with a seat. We could throw a few more comparisons out there, but that really makes the point. We will make sure to let you know if we experience any different.

**If you have found our review helpful, please vote it as helpful below so we know. This helps us to provide quality feedback in the future.
MerrY RevieWer
5.0 out of 5 stars Super fun and speedy e-scooter with cool LED lights
Reviewed in the United States on November 25, 2020
Color: BlackVerified Purchase
My husband has an electric scooter that’s a lot of fun, so I wanted to get one also so that we could ride our scooters together. However, I am somewhat uncoordinated and afraid to ride the scooter standing up, so when I found that this scooter had a built-in seat, I was sold! In a way, this is somewhat like a mini scooter like a Vespa because you’re seated while riding the whole time. Plus, this scooter is equipped with a powerful 800W motor that can go up to 30 miles per hour (mph) which is extremely fast for an electric scooter.
One of the nice features of this EverCross electric scooter is that it has a portable folding design and can be conveniently folded to store easily and makes for a great commuter ride especially since this can go up to 30 mph and it feels like you’re riding a moped. When unfolding the scooter, press the red folding system handle on the bottom until it clicks in place. It will click in place and be secured and you should not be able to fold back down unless you press this lever again for safety reasons. This even folds down all the way with the seat intact for portability. Although this scooter is portable, it does have some weight to it and weighs 44 pounds. This may be heavier than most scooters of this size in the market but I feel like the weight comes from the high quality if its parts and this scooter feels sturdy and durable and very well-made. On the flip side, this scooter is able to carry a maximum weight capacity of 330 pounds which is more than its competitors so this is a big plus.
Out of the box, you will need to charge the scooter before using for the first time. This scooter is equipped with a 48V 10Ah lithium-ion battery. This comes with a charger and cable adapter that you can plug into the scooter’s port located on the bottom underneath the board on the right-hand side and plug into an AC electrical outlet to charge. To fully charge the scooter, it takes about four (4) to seven (7) hours. This took me about four (4) hours to charge for the first time. While charging the battery, the charger indicator light will remain red and will turn green when the battery is fully charged and ready to be used.
This is equipped with front and rear wide ten (10) inch inflatable tires for smooth riding. This also has front and rear disc brakes that are controlled by the dual brake handles on the handlebars which is convenient and makes it safe to brake in an emergency. This also has a dual shock absorbing system for a comfortable ride. There is a throttle handle located in the right-hand side of the LCD display.
This also has a cute multifunctional color LCD display that comes with a covered USB charging port in case you need to charge mobile devices. Please note that this will deplete the battery since you’re using up power. The LCD display functions include speed display, battery indicator, fault indicator, headlight indicator, cruise indicator, gear indicator, total mileage, single mileage, real-time voltage, operating current, operating time and start mode. To turn on the LCD display, hold down the power button and press this same button to switch between total mileage odometer, single mileage trip, real-time voltage, running current, running time and fault code. Hold it down again to turn off the display. There is also a “M” or mode button or gear switch next to the power button. Press and hold down the power and mode buttons at the same time to enter into the parameter settings mode. Then press the power button to cycle through the parameters and press the mode button to change the settings. Press and hold down these two buttons at the same time again to save and exit.

I have no idea what the parameter settings are. I tried to google this information and check the manufacturer’s website with no luck. The only parameter that I played around with was P02 to change the mileage from kilometers to miles. This is probably the only setting change that matters anyways. In P02, press the mode button to change from 00000 (km) to 00001 (mph) to switch from kilometers to miles. I probably would not touch the other parameters in case I accidentally change something that I wouldn’t know what to change back to.

If the symbol “!” is flashing, press the power button to adjust the display interface. Each error code indicates the corresponding issue:
- ERRO 1: Motor failure
- ERRO 2: Handlebar failure
- ERRO 3: Controller failure
- ERRO 4: Power-off brake lever
- ERRO 5: Under voltage protection
- ERRO 6: Communication failure, the meter can’t receive the output of the controller
- ERRO 7: Communication failure, the controller can’t receive the output of the instrument

This electric scooter has three (3) gears. Press the mode button to switch to the following gears: 1 - slow, 2 - medium, 3 - fast. Just like a vehicle, the higher the gear, the faster the speed. The speed is set by default to gear level 1. For your safety, practice on gear level 1 until you become more comfortable to speed up. To accelerate, press the throttle handle on the right. Press lightly to accelerate and speed up the scooter, but be careful because this can accelerate quickly. Please note that the gears can only be cycled through in sequence from 1, 2, 3 and not up and down from 3, 2, 1. This doesn’t make sense if you’re in the third gear and want to shift down to second gear; you’ll have to go down all the way to first and cycle through again which is not ideal.

Some of the features that I like about this electric scooter is that it comes with a key and spare key (in case you lose the first key) that you will need to put in the ignition in order to start, just like a car. This is a great security feature because the scooter can’t be stolen without the key. This also has a turn signal just like a vehicle. There is a left and right arrow button on the left handlebar. Press to the left to turn the left signal on the side rear which flashes yellow and press to the right for the right turn signal. This is a nice safety feature to make sure that vehicles see you and know when you’re turning to prevent accidents. This also has a bright headlight and rear lights when you brake. Lastly, probably the coolest and my most favorite feature is the LED light that illuminates on the bottom of the scooter which switches colors for mood lighting and ambiance. To turn this LED light on, press up the button to “On” on the left handlebar where the turn signal is located as well. To turn off, switch to the “Off” position. Not only is this feature cool, but it’s another safety feature to ensure cars see you especially at night time. However, I’m not sure if this is street legal in California because moving vehicles can’t be decked out with flashing lights because it’s considered a distraction. It’s still a lot of fun to light up though!

The user manual that’s included is not very detailed. For example, it didn’t tell me how to assemble some of the parts, so I had to figure this out myself such as how to install the headlight. The headlight actually goes on the bottom front of the scooter. I initially thought this had to go on the handlebar but the wire wasn’t long enough. You need to unscrew the bolt and screw on the bottom and attach the headlight and screw the bolt back on. I also had to attach the seat and make sure it was well-tightened. When not tightened, the seat will fall down when you sit on it, so make sure to use the included wrench to tighten. This comes with all of the necessary tools that comes in a nice pouch labeled “toolkit” so you will not need any separate tools which is convenient. The seat and rod is removable but you will need to use the tools to remove completely. I wish that there was an easier and faster way to remove the seat in case I want to remove the seat real quick.

Overall, this is a super fun and speedy electric scooter! Always practice safety first and make sure to follow the rules and laws set forth by your state or city. In California where I live, riders must posses a driver’s license or learner’s permit. All riders must also wear a helmet, so we make sure to wear our bike helmets every time we go for a ride. Riders also can’t operate scooters on the sidewalk but are able to operate scooters on a street where the speed limit is under 25mph. Scooters are not allowed on streets with a speed limit over 25mph. Lastly, scooters can’t surpass 15mph. You will need to really watch out for this since the scooter can go faster than this and sometimes you may not realize how fast you’re actually going, so have fun but beware!

Some other important things to keep in mind when riding this electric scooter:
- This is designed for one person only. For your safety and the safety of others, do not carry any passengers including children
- Don’t use the scooter for stunts or jumping movements which will increase your risk of injury and damage to the scooter
- Do not turn off the motor power while the scooter is moving as it could damage it
- Please charge at least once every thirty (30) days when not in use
- Do not allow the scooter to be placed in a water depth of more than 5cm or directly impacted by water which will cause motor and circuit faults
- Do not ride this scooter on unsafe or illegal roads
5.0 out of 5 stars Such a fun ride!
Reviewed in the United States on November 18, 2020
Color: BlackVerified Purchase
This scooter is so much fun! I tried my first electric scooter this summer and was hooked. I decided to try the Evercross electric scooter.
It shipped fast and once I opened the box it was basically assembled. I just needed to charge the battery and I was ready to go.
I like that it has a key to turn on so if any kids grab it it can work like a regular scooter but no power. On the first trip around the block I was initially disappointed because I couldn't get the thing faster than 16 mph. Then I looked at the "M" button which allowed me to change to 1st, 2nd or 3rd gear. I switched it to 3rd gear and took off! Speed was up to 35mph! It felt stable even at the fast speeds and overall it's exactly what I was looking for. It has the seat which is easy to take on or off. It folks up nicely for easy storage.
The lights power on as soon as you turn the scooter on and there is a front headlight, a rear headlight and colored running lights under the foot plate.
There a horn and turn signal. There is an audible beep whenever you use the turn signal as well as flashing lights on the side of the foot plate that can be seen in practically any direction.
Overall this is a fun way to get around town, quickly run some errands, or quickly get to a friend's house.
"If a law is unjust, a man is not only right to disobey it, he is obligated to do so." - Thomas Jefferson
So I'm thinking about it the shape of female quick connects, and am thinking there is no way copper is hard enough and springy enough to actually clasp the male portion of the  connector firmly more than once.  It would have to be brass in order to have the springy strength required in order for this connector to not just easy disconnect itself.

Then I get a message of the E bay purveyor saying that All female quick connects are Brass and the ones sold to me are tin plated brass......  Even though the description says tin plated copper.

No wonder so many premade  inline ATC/ATO fuse holders melt!

While brass is well conductive, it is less than 1/3 as conductive as pure copper.

I think I saw a quick connect design that is a bit different, and might be pure copper.  doubt they come without the insulation though.

Anyway, My ATC/AT0 fuse block uses quick connects, and now I don't want it anymore.  I have used my IR temp gun and been annoyed at just how hot some circuits were getting at less than impressive amperage passing through it/them.  I need more fused circuits anyway, so its shopping time.

Check out this hunk of 110 copper bar.
  6 inches long, 3/8" thick, 1 inch wide
Brass 3/8-16 bolts washers nuts and lock washers.

Gonna be one macker of a Bussbar.  I'm gonna have it directly on My 500 amp Deltec shunt.

Might buy a 3/8-16 thread forming tool rather than a cutting tap.

Maybe I can make my own ATC/ATO/Maxi fuse panel that makes the Blue seas ones to shame.
[-] The following 1 user says Thank You to sternwake for this post:
  • rvpopeye (05-01-2021)
Bussbar envy !
Stay Tuned

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(What a "Stinkin' " honor !)
I wonder what the melting point of the plastic is on Blueseas bussbar's dielectric bottoms are.

I have some starboard, which is HDPE plastic, and some acrylic. The acrylic/plexiglass melting point is higher, and if this impressively massive homemade bussbar ever approaches 185c, there are far larger issues, like the fire raging in the electrical compartment.

The Blue Sea Systems MRBF Surface and Terminal Mount Fuse Blocks, I am not really liking the mass of the fuse body.

300 amps through this?
[Image: 71dypDUSfdL._AC_SL1500_.jpg]

That nickel plated brass body is less than 1/8" thick.

15$ per fuse too......

I think I might have to make my own fuse body too, dammitt.
Searching online about thread forming taps, and thread cutting taps, and drilling pure copper, one guy says milk is a great cutting agent.

So I try to drill a dry pilot hole in teh 3/8 inch copper/ A couple chips and it stops drilling.  I get a new sharp drill bit of same diameter. same result. I dont have any specific cutting oil, but have some 10w-30.  I get about 3x as much broken copper bits before progress stops

I go get a mouthful of 2% milk and put it in the shallow hole from earlier drilling attempts, and copper pigtails 4+ inches long form.

So that was unexpected.

I have always hated my Audio style 30 amp circuit breaker on my solar charge controller to battery circuit.  It will drop several hundredths of a volt across it and heat up significantly, well ~5f above ambient, wasting a watt or perhaps 3 of my 198 solar watts. I have another switch to disconnect, so All I want is  fuse.

The Quick connect connectors, which clasp the spade/tangs of bot ATO/ATC and Maxi fuses, are Not copper, but brass, and brass is about 1/3 as conductive as copper.

No wonder all the inline fuse holders, when run anywhere near their wires ampacity, can have the whole fuse holder portion melt around these quick connects inside the molded cover.

So I dont want ATC/ATO fuses inline on solar charge controller. I don't want a thermal circuit breaker, I want a Maxi fuse.  
The Blue seas MAxifuse holder, is ridiculously expensive:

But it avoids the brass contacts in the quick connector design. 
 Looks like nice solid contact between ring terminal and Maxi fuse tang

I found this other 'similar' option:

Slow boat from China....about 3 weeks:


  I had assumed the screws would clamp down not only on the ring terminals, but also the tangs of the Maxi Fuse, but the latter is still a spring loaded friction fit. 
 It Could be modified, with a drill tap and longer screw, to clamp both ring terminal AND fuse tang and then fuse removal requires a screwdriver.
The friction fit is very tight.
The provided 30 amp fuse is kind of junky looking, I'll likely order  bussman fuses.

I bought two as I run 8 AWG upto the dash and the 20 amp 21KHZ PWM motor speed controller powering my Hvac blower motor.  I used a SAE 8 gauge  inline fuse holder which the shitty brass quick connect tang claspers inside, but find the fuse and fuse holder getting hot at just 12 to 15 amps continuous, so One of these new Maxifuse holders will replace that.

My existing 8 way ATC/ATo fuse holder, is a Napa special, and not very confidence inspiring, plus I have doubled some low amp circuits and have other inline fuse holders as I need more than 8 fused circuits.

i am not happy with the 12 way fuse holders offered.  the Blue seas version is ridiculously expensive for what it is, an the cheaper versions, I do not trust them, some say 20 amps max per circuit, some say 30 and 80 to 100 total.

I've tabled buying a new ATC/ATO fuse holder, for now.

The New bussbar, which will be going onto my Shunt directly, is still in the design phase.  Here it is with a 2/0 thick walled ring terminal, and the pic with Multi ring terminals, the smaller are 2 awg, 4, 6 and 8 awg ring terminals, for a size perspective.

This Busbar's studs will be 3/8" and likely some 1/4" and a few #10.

I think My existing Busbar, which has only the light loads on it with 1/4" studs, is made from Stainless steel.  Al lmajor terminals are stacked on the 500 amp Deltec shunt itself, very much unideal.

While a fairly thick chunk of it, Stainless is hardly a great conductor of electricity. 

The one brass bolt holding on teh ring terminal is not threaded, but this 3/8" hole is intended for the Shunt's 3/8 bolt.  I intend to cut the threads for more surface contact between brass bolts and 3/8" thick 110 copper.  The bolts are usually just for clamping pressure, not to pass current, but a brass bolt will be able to pass a lot more current than a Stainless bolt could.  Overkill.  Almost upgrade proof level of overkill.

The one Super heavy duty 150$ Perko 1/2/B/O Switch I added on the boat, had 1/2 inch Studs. IF the FTZ ring terminals for 1/2 inch studs actually had a bigger footprint, I would have considered adding one 1/2 inch stud to this busbar, but the ring terminals just have the same footprint with a larger 1/2" hole.


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