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RVs wrecked by tornados in Texas Panhandle
We had a round of severe weather here last was a large event with mesocyclones and tornados...hail, high winds...etc...very dynamic and bit scary at times....I had some things here tossed around by the wind, but thankfully no damage to my property and no damage to the RVers I have as guests this weekend.

Here is the local news story:
Wondering about wandering
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I saw that on doppler last night ....glad to hear from you this morning !
This hasn't been a great year for weather in Texas....hang in there , we're all rootin' fer ya.
Stay Tuned

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Ditto what Popeye said..

I watch this channel regularly

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(03-14-2021, 09:36 AM)GypsyDogs Wrote: I watch this channel regularly

I like it; subbed for future wx updates
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Wow, TX, glad you all are ok.
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(03-14-2021, 03:32 PM)heron Wrote: Wow, TX, glad you all are ok.

Did you decide to leave Tx and go to uhh, the quiet of Georgia or Alabama this last week?
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