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Where did it go?

The last thing I remember is sitting in Quartzsite when everyone started disappearing. This was in late March. First all the TP vanished in town, then all the packages of beans and rice. A steady stream of vehicles going out the gate. We started the slow drive East. 

It was great. We traveled a few hours a day and stopped at Walmart.  Nobody bothered us. A couple days at YARC BAR, and then on again. One day in Oklahoma at a military camp. The next morning we had the option of staying or hitting the road. The FamCamps were no longer an option. Slow trip East and always a Walmart parking lot available. Few travelers were out. 100 miles a day was fast enough. 

As I am writing this, I look out the window and see a yearling opossum eating out of the same bowl as a young raccoon. Later tonight the new babies will be out with their mothers. Watching them and hearing the cute sounds make me happy. In the morning the hundreds of birds and dozens of squirrels come to play and eat. 300 lbs of feed a month. Cheaper than the bars. 

Travelers come and go here.   Right now Georgie is trying to pull all the weeds in the pond. The fish and turtles are hiding. So are the snakes. I will try to find her something else to do. 

The garden is starting to produce produce. Lots of squash and tomatoes this year. I planted a few hundred critter corn. No sunflowers yet. Perhaps tomorrow in an unused area. 

I finally started getting my back surgery lined up. I need to be able to do more than walk sideways. I might get lucky and have one of my specialist find out how to stop this pain. Six accidents that put me down need a lot of corrections.
Compared to parenting, Cat herding is less complicated
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Of course I don't remember but was nerve ablation ever mentioned ?

That sideways crap will warp yer mind. You'll start thinking like a crab !
Wait !!! Can you pass by a dead fish ?????
Skuh kuh kuh kuh
The mental image of the critters was a hoot.
Must be good entertainment , Just apply the cable bill towards the 300# and it will sting less ?

Post some vids on U boob and maybe monetization could help with that food bill too ??
I bet they would be very popular ! People really need distractions like that THESE days...

Here's an excerpt from someone's report on his ablation procedure...
When they called a few days ago to confirm the appointment, they told me that I could have my choice of a local anesthetic or light sedation. I said either was okay with me, so they said they would leave it up to the doctor. As it turned out, he decided to go with sedation, so they inserted an IV into a vein in my hand.

Then the doctor and I talked for a while. He told me that based on the MRIs and CAT scans that he has of my back, that while ablation should help, there is so much damage back there that it is not an end-all. He warned me that I will still have pain from other areas in my back, although hopefully not as severe as I have been experiencing.

Then the doctor asked if he could say a prayer, which he does before every procedure, and they took me back to the operating room. I was told to lie facedown on the table, and he gave me a couple of local numbing shots, saying I needed to be awake while they placed the probes so they could tell when they were in the right place. That wasn’t the most pleasant experience I have ever felt, but I’ve had worse.

Once he had everything in place, and I could feel the tingling from the slight electrical impulse they used to test things, he said, “okay, we’ll start in thirty seconds.” I woke up twenty minutes later when the procedure was done.

The doctor wound up burning three different nerve endings, at the L4, L5, and S-1 vertebrates in my lower back. Dr. Creamer said that it could take anywhere from three days to three weeks before I started feeling any noticeable difference and that the results could last anywhere from a couple of months to over a year, and sometimes longer.

By the time they were done with me and I was back outside, it was 4:30 and we headed home. As I write this, a little after midnight, there is some stiffness and tenderness at the site where they made the three injections, but I have noticed already that my pain level seems to be much less. I can get up or sit down in a chair without hurting, and I can go up the three stairs from one level of our house to the other and back down without wincing and crying out in pain as I have done for so long. If it doesn’t get any better than this, I will still consider it a success.

Stay Tuned

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I have had about four of those procedures so far. 

The last one (two) was with a new doctor. To me he looked like a kid. He is used to people just laying down and getting it done  I am functioning on a normally high pain level. On the first needle I am in excruciating pain. By the fourth one I am soaking wet with sweat. About then he noticed that everyone else in there is quiet. 

Are you OK?   


How about I finish this side and do the rest next week?  

Only with pain blocker.   

My next session will be at least 11 vertebrae.  So 22 injections.   Block that pain PLEASE!

Today Camilla took her “new” dog to the pond. It refused to do anything but swim around. When we got home, we tried to hose it off. 

Some people do not deserve to have pets    This dog went completely bonkers. Crying and screaming and trying to get away. I finally calmed her down enough to walk her to the little pool we got for the raccoons.    Once there she flopped in it and took a nice bath. This is the most passive dog I have ever seen, but someone has seriously abused it.
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8:30 AM. This was a very, very late raccoon.

[Image: 445653a58f1722aa4f94f1d0bb9e7dc9.jpg]
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It is getting so that every time I get up to use the bathroom I end up handing out treats to a bunch of raccoons. 

The next couple of months will be interesting when all the parents and babies are out.
Compared to parenting, Cat herding is less complicated
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The last couple days were a blur. I called to set up a consultation with my back doctor. This was Friday afternoon. Monday afternoon I get a call from one of the mandatory anti painkillers departments in the hospital. I guess I confused them enough for the doctor to call me yesterday. Today I went in for another 8 burning needles. I need a MRI before he will do my neck. Now that is fast. 

Tomorrow we will see if I can still walk.
Compared to parenting, Cat herding is less complicated
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Tap tap tap... can you still walk?
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ahhh, so sad about your new pooch and the trauma it is are right, people suck big time and what they do to animals, let alone other humans Sad

hope you are feeling better and getting things moving along is good, well, errr, sometimes LOL
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We're all on pins and needles waitin' on results of your pins and needles procedure ??????
I consulted with the ships doc and he said to throw those pointy toe boots overboard ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR !
Stay Tuned

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John lost his phone. Maybe by tomorrow he will have the new one that came in today activated.

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