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Honda shutting down, red light.
That was quick destruction!!! Needed a total rebuild. Did it come out of his allowance or his hide?
(06-22-2020, 05:15 PM)Roadtripp Wrote: That was quick destruction!!! Needed a total rebuild. Did it come out of his allowance or his hide?
   Long story short his Dad got HIV in the 80's from blood transfusion.  Back then he was at the end of his days.  For some reason his Dad just started acquiring anything he could get a deal on the last year of his life.  Shed was full of generators, AC's, lawn mowers, just anything with motors, dozens and dozens of them.  So I don't think his dad ever found out.  May he rest in peace, was such a great guy to know.
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  • Roadtripp (06-22-2020)
(06-14-2020, 09:15 AM)Roadtripp Wrote: My nearly new Honda eu2200i runs for a few seconds then stops. The red light is on. When the red light goes out it will start again then stop a second time. After that it keeps running. First thing I did was check the oil level and it looked good. Maybe I put the wrong oil in it. I don’t remember what I used other than it was engine oil. I’m going to change it. What is recommended oil for these small gennys. 
 Has anyone else had this issue with the Honda. Or any other genny?  
 Oh, I discovered the gas vent needs to be opened or the genny will quit running. Thanks

Had the same issue, turned out to be the oil. I think it was Valvoline or Pennzoil, both really good oils. What happened the oil would foam and trigger the red light. Dealer said to switch to mobil 1 …no issues after that. We were using the genny on shore running to a boat in early spring in Pa. Every time it would shut off I would have to strip down to my undies and wade neck deep in freezing water to get to the genny. I would pull the cord and it would fire right back up, waded back to the boat ran down in the cabin dried off, got dressed, shivered my butt off, just enough time to get warm and IT WOULD SHUT OFF AGAIN! After about 3 times wading to shore I gave up and delt with no electric for the weekend which sucked. Got home… went to dealer……oil…….. changed……..fixed……

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