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Numismatics/coin collecting/silver stacking
scored me a W 2020 samoa quarter Big Grin

why so happy to get a clad circulated only quarter you say?

1,W west point mint 2 million minted opposed to p,d 200+ million
2,v75 privy,75th anniversary of ww2
[Image: ASP1W-2.jpg?v-cache=1586965429]

[Image: 5cd417e4-93f5-4d04-adce-57b15c684dd4-202...everse.jpg]

hot item,
look at those prices,you can find these in your pocket change but at only 2 million mint it will be hard
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I love irony. 2020 and Bats. This was probably designed 2 years prior to minting? Lol.

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  • GypsyDogs (08-06-2020)
probably longer than 2 years,you should be seeing the common mints bat quarters in your pocket change,there is also the silver proof version but no w or v75

silver is at $28 oz today,was holding around $17 or so for a long time before,corona and it mysteriously drops to $12,hit $47 in 2011 so if you were buying up silver at $14 oz you stand to make some profits

as for myself,no silver coins for me if i was unable/willing to pay $20 i sure ain't paying $40,i alway looked at silver as semi precious,way closer to copper than gold

plenty of older copper,nickle whatever coins i like but paying $3 shipping on something that cost 50 cent coin is not good so i will have to buy bulk,most sellers combine shipping,some $3 no matter how many coins you buy

nearest coin shop is a hour away and they always want top dollar
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silver in the mid $20 but people are buying it at $30+ an oz which prices me out so been working on nickels,not much to collect in the jeffersons but they are cheap,nice detail buffalos can be spendy as are prior designs,proof jeffersons are cheap and somewhat low mintage so been picking some up

there is a run on semi/precious metals,sellers market,the american silver eagles i bought for the kids last christmas have almost doubled their value
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Not sure how it works paper silver compared to actual silver metal. But I know it is the same for Gold, Platinum, and palladium. Actual metal is usually 30% more than paper gold in the markets. This idea of mine is based on Krugerrands back from South Africa. Had X amount, looked at the market price took to a buyer and was paid close to 30% more. I said nothing at the time of course but in further discussions with some rich and infamous this was put forward.

IDK if this is a hard and fast fact. Just my experience. Makes sense; hard to buy that last vial of insulin with gold held in trust in a collapsing banking system.

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Things that make you go hmmmmmmmmmm.
Stay Tuned

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I have a big bar and a little bar of silver my mother gave me a million years ago. It’s stuck in her safety deposit box she lost the keys to.... I used to use the big one as a hammer in the house years ago because I could never find the real hammer. I guess I better look at the price of silver.
(01-27-2020, 07:42 PM)Abnorm Wrote: I inherited a couple silver bars......along with owning the standard silver based 'coin collection" for a lifetime...….

amazing how little $ value it's all worth in your own personal SHTF situation ………""I live in a van....I've got ONE Silver Dollar !""

Not everyone has a petrified apple though..
Well Thank You.................
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