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Opinions: Aluminum vs Steel Utility Trailer
One of my old neighbors (a semi-retired welder) said that welds are dependent upon the skill of the welder. Maybe that's what he meant.
Aluminum requires more skill to weld, it's solter & easy to melt too thin in the weld. Look at all the alum semy trailers on the roadm saving weight so they can haul more mayload. Don't believe the line about you have to add alum to se as strong as steel so the weight's about the same, just not true. Both have good & bad points it matters where & how you use them Good Luck!
"If a law is unjust, a man is not only right to disobey it, he is obligated to do so." - Thomas Jefferson
I dove steel tanks SCUBA, for years. They rust and when you are carrying 3700 pounds of pressure per square inch this can be a bad thing. In came aluminum and everyone was happy. Well not quite. While lighter and non-rusting they did have some manufacturing issues. Some design flaws, hence the valves up flip over valves down. Because of valve connection brittleness. But they did become the industry standard and proved themselves to be superior in strength. Then came carbon fibre and other exotics and the same arguments surfaced by new experts, or should I say people who have always done it this way and believe it should then be always done the same way.

Application of tool. Simply put. A Snap On 3/4 inch cordless impact driver is an awesome tool for tire rotation but kinda sucks for car stereo install.

Trailer ok. For what, for who, what is the build purpose? Chevy/Ram/Ford diesel/gas. Argued on million forums every hour of every day by people who never owned, couldn't afford to own, will,never have own. But feel the need to spend time calling a Ram a Fiat and found on road dead FORD to what end I will never know.


Towed house, correctly weighted, with attention to galvonic issues addressed. What are the big issues?

Galvanized steel is popular for frames. But I've read this process is falling out of favour in the new green reality. Is this true?

Reengineered steel aluminum hybrid construction. Is this a thing?

Options or opinions with answers. Is this possible?

Or is it all mouse/horse/cat/human piss and opinion?
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  • GotSmart (03-07-2020)
I bought a pair of dual 150cf steel tanks & all new gear about 10 dives before I broke my back. I weighed it all at 200# but you're weightless under water. My son & I got certifified on his 13th birtdath in Gilboa OH in a flooded quarry with a plane you can swim thru, a truck, helicoptor, motorcycle, a school bus you bang on & thousands of trout swim out & you open a ziplock of fishfood & they swarm you. When you swin away they follow you & you hear the Jaws theme. I have pics of him sitting on the bus with a Happy Birthday sign & balloons. He's 30 now.

As far as trailers there are all needs, uses, quality, etc. You have to determine your need & find the best quality for the best deal. Quality 1st always.
"If a law is unjust, a man is not only right to disobey it, he is obligated to do so." - Thomas Jefferson
My 3700psi is tank pressure statement not weight. Pressure inside the tank. I always love the weightless comment. Hmmm I dove pre BCD.
So in the water do you float or sink?

If you float you ain’t diving you are bobbing.

If you sink...well that right there is gravity pulling you into the depth of the trench. So you ain’t an astronaut .

Physics work different in a liquid medium, sure. But weightless no not really.

I logged weeks, not days or hours, underwater diving the pacific north west before I was 17 years of age. I worked with Cousteau’s kid, out of Victoria, before he pissed me off.

I’ve sat for hours off Robson bite, before it was a protected marine environment. Watching Orca scratch their bellies on the rock. Sitting on tanks like a horse so we didn’t look like the dying seals we sounded like. Close enough to see if they floss. Long enough to see and understand the intelligence of their look. I’ve spent over a hour as the captive guest of a Great Pacific octopus. I could’ve killed it, their heads only flop one way and inside is a calcium “bone” like membrane. Snap it and he is toast. But I didn’t. They dropped tanks and I switched them out and spent the time decompressing well into the next day. Because he/she was beautiful and scared and/or curious. Never went red. Never moved me into a bite position. Just pulled me in and listened to me hum the famous Beatles tune for 90 minutes at 93feet. It was around twenty feet in length. A true giant. Yeah long decom, done on plastic tables and while a fat fucker I could dive us navy numbers I still bent. Never been great at math.

I was certified on deep mixed gas diving a week after my 19 birthday. Alas I have dyslexia and bottle one and bottle two often confused me, Narc’d out at 9atts. So while I got my license and commercial certification at CanDive, I knew it was only a matter of time till I opened the wrong tank. And then Thanks for playing.

I was a test monkey for Poseidon dry suits. I also worked for Viking drysuits when they made the switch from nuke reactor contamination protection to fully water free dry drysuit diving market switch. In black galvanized rubber GIMP looking attire. Sunnto gear testing. Blah blah. So while useless in this forum I think the point I was making is valid. Missed it?

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  • Gr8ful (03-07-2020)
You're weightless with your BC. I wore a heavy Farmer John wet suit & neded lots of weight. Lots of wrecks arounf Munising & Whitefish bay. Gull lake north of Kalamazoo on the east side has a park & tons of old farm equipment where they used to make bets on the day it fell thru the ice 100 years ago. They have a poker game once a week, you have to suit up dive & find the card box to find out where & when. Ever ice dive?
We only cold water dived & I only spent time in a decompression tank 2 hrs a day for 6 weeks at 2ATT getting rid of MRSA they couldn't cure any other way. Sounds like you had a great time. I did it with my son as skydiving was my main love, 2 things you don't do on the same day.
"If a law is unjust, a man is not only right to disobey it, he is obligated to do so." - Thomas Jefferson
I think the thread officially is off-track, better get word to HDR so he can fix it.
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