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Does the forum have noon and midnght mixed up?
I was looking at this thread.  The post was made around 3 hours ago.  (9:30am?)
The first 2 thank you's are shown as yesterday.  Mine (around 12:30 pm) is shown as today.
the site time at this moment is

gmt - 8:00 hours 1:02 pm pacific time

seems to be right,when daylight savings comes and goes everything goes wacky no matter the setting
Yeah, but I have noticed time issues before. Some thing will show as posted today. When I go to read it, I realize that I read it the day before. There are gremlins!!! And not AMC ones.
I see that it has now cleared up. (All thank you's are shown as today).
First World Issues.

A cat, a dog, and a dude.
Most of the time I am not even sure what day it is...

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Seems off season for daylight savings time changes.
Glitch in the spacetime continuum?
Maybe someone was rewinding the Internet to backout some posts.

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