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The Oddball Stretch Humpback Motorvan Project
The forum looks a little sleepy right now lol. Golly it’s dark out. What dreams are brewing for birth in the new year?  
 This thread is about my new-to-me vehicle: It’s a 1991 Leisure Odyssey Alexa 28 ‘ Motorhome on a Isuzu NPR chassis. 70,000 miles. Runs like a trusty farm tractor. 
 I’m 6’6” and after two years travels with my cargo van decided to try a bigger vehicle. Motorhomes in general are essentially huge stretched out vans so I jokingly call it the “limo van”. I adore vans. This has most the dimensions and features I’ve been looking for. It’s 7’6” wide not 8’. It’s just barely long enough for a rear bedroom and under 30’. Its is maneuverable with a tight turning radius for a Motorhome. And it’s on a heavy duty 13,650 lb medium duty chassis. The ground clearance is lower than I wanted but not bad for a Class A Motorhome. 
 I like the large bathroom with toilet, sink, and shower in one room. The trade off is not much closet space. The kitchen is nice. New Flexsteel seats were installed by previous owner. 
 This Isuzu is a oddball and was only made 1 year. The framing for the body is all aluminum which is what I’ve been searching for. The epdm rubber roofing is a weak area and was leaking so I got a good deal on the Motorhome at $2500. And that it drives very tight and strong sealed the deal. It got 15 mpg driving it home. These 4 cylinder turbo diesels can get 17 mpg on flat ground with a tail wind. 
  A big concern was the lack of headroom. So a big rubber roof rescue project happened last Summer. The roof was way too low and I did a roof raise and replacement with strong aluminum coated with epdm rubber coating. This was a big, expensive, and stressful project but I managed to get it done over 10 weeks of part time work and about $2500 in materials and supplies. The inside has a sense of much more space now and there is a large aluminum hatch that can be opened in nice weather. The roof is 16” taller. It has a hunchback appearance as the roof is sloped at the front and back to deflect branches and air. Making sure it is watertight and strong was a lot of work but it is now a lifetime roof (knock wood). 
  Another big factor was the engine, the 4bt1t turbo diesel. These are well known for reliability and economy. As it’s a direct injection engine I like it’s easy cold starting. Ive had several indirect injection diesels that were hard to start. These engines are very popular in conversions especially for 4x4 vehicles. 
  The interior needs some restoration but is salvageable now the roof leak is fixed. I’m thinking about tearing out the old carpet and adding insulation to the floor and walls. Then doing a more modern paneling and floor. I may remove all but the kitchen window and make it super insulated and cozy. And build a desk and table that’s tall enough for a giant. 
As far as windows are concerned the windshield is huge and my “picture window”. I spend a lot of time outdoors and like to retreat to a darker space. So the eventual look and function of the vehicle will be a hybrid of liesure and expedition vehicle. Especially after adding air bags to stabilize the large body on the frame. I’d like to raise the body a couple inches somehow. 
  The project is dormant for a few months in Winter while I recover from the roof raise project. I have high hopes for 2020. Look forward to hopefully using it next Winter. It’s been hard going but hopefully perseverance will pay off. I plan to tow my cargo trailer which will have most of the solar. And a motorcycle. Best wishes vandwellers.
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Pictures please!   Big Grin

That sounds like the perfect vehicle for YARC CAMP. 

When you are done with it you will have minimal cash invested and maximum utilization.
Compared to parenting, Cat herding is less complicated
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Yeah GotSmart, I’m hoping it will be a keeper and very useful. I’ll try and attach a couple of the roof pics before I coated it. Then take more today:
 Did it work. I’m a noob at attaching a picture.
That looks huge.
Compared to parenting, Cat herding is less complicated
    Hopefully big enough for the jolly green giant. I hit my head, knees, and elbows regularly in a normal van.
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Looks great! Good job, totally custom.
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 I was proud of my roof raise. That was a lot of up and down a ladder.
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Meth Lab...……………..
PAULETTE and "Two Cats and THE DOUG"

Whereabouts unknown...……...
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very cool!
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