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Being thankful. THE BLACK HOLE
A hole in the ice.

I walked out of the small guest house following the path that goes around the swimming pool. The pool was drained at the end of the season and snow was starting to collect up along the edges. I made a mental note to get that fixed as anyone falling in would have a hard time climbing out. I continued towards lunch and the big house letting my eyes take in the surroundings of the large yard. A truly beautiful property with mature trees and gentle slopes toward the street in the north and the pond in the south.

My eyes locked on the dark hole. There in the pond was  a black spot, Despite the pain in my ankle I started to run, scanning the area for more evidence. In the distance I could see foot prints and scuffed snow along the edge of the pond. Moving closer I could see water washing away the white snow revealingThe thin ice it had only blanketed yesterday. The temperature was only -4 but at night it got down to -8. Not enough to freeze the water thick, but, just enough to be dangerous. The monsters had been told about the ice but monsters rarely do what monsters are told to do. I increased my speed towards the pond. My eyes locked on the one small hole.

I knew the pond was only six or 7 feet deep at that point, and I knew time was not on my side. Increasing my heart rate was two red mittens lying discarded by the edge of the pond.

Focusing past the pain in my ankle I found purchase on a rock and jumped at full speed cannonball style towards the hole. Crashing through the ice the water was a physical force almost thickened  by the cold that bit hard through my pants and jacket.

Opening my eyes under the water stung as if I was in battery acid. It was dark and the 7 feet felt much deeper. I looked around saw a flash of red and grabbed at it. My fingers numb with the cold struggled to hold onto the fleece. My feet touched the bottom and I pushed up towards the dark hole avoiding the white ones knowing they were filled with air. I reached the surface, breaching  like a Russian submarine and immediately threw what was in my hand towards the shore. Struggling to make my way out of the ice and up the slippery mud bank of the pond I heard voices, shouts, and the sharp cry of a dog.

Whippet the small terrier was obviously in distress. His red little winter jacket as soaked as it's fur. The unceremonious toss had shocked him into a coughing and shaking fit.  The monsters were gathered, with their parents, and they all had a little look of shock in their eyes.

I climbed the bank onto the stable ground and immediately started to shake from the cold. Whippet was shaking too and Mom shouted for us to get to the sauna. We both stumble ran to the sauna. I stripped off my wet cloths out of view in the sauna and took off Whippets red fleece jacket, while he licked my face and hands as if they were made of fish.

Dad delivered a warm tea spiked with vodka.

"Dangerous risk for a dog!"

"I just saw a black hole in the ice. Didn't know who was in the water. Mittens and kid prints time to evaluate the situation further. I'd still have walked in for the dog!"


"He is part of the family." I said leaving "and I like him more than you." Left unsaid.

"Girls name likes you more than Santa Claus, right now. She tossed the ball he chased onto the ice and then ran to find us, when he fell in."


"Mr C how did you hear me all the way from your room when Whippet fell through the ice?"

"Magic,  Monster I see all"
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(12-01-2019, 08:07 AM)Scott7022 Wrote: "Magic,  Monster I see all"
One gloriously stinkin' badge.
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Yep. That works on all kids.    Big Grin
Compared to parenting, Cat herding is less complicated
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Kids grow out of it.
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Years ago a good friend lost a german shepard to kids throwing a tennis ball onto thin ice. Very sad day. Good work on your part!
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(12-02-2019, 07:58 PM)Snikwahjm Wrote: Kids grow out of it.
Mine haven’t.  Cool
Compared to parenting, Cat herding is less complicated
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