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van living saved my life
This will sound sad. I came from a family of pretty gulliable people. My parents were defrauded of the all the money, and two houses. After 20 years they are sill trying to get it back. I had an insular life, not prepared for people. I kept getting used in every aspect. I give money, driving, time, labour, friendship, work, DIY, chores, everything. Yet no one will lift a finger in return.
I do not like people doing anything for me anyway. I do not like feeling like i have to owe someone. I help others, but if i need help back its never done. I think society is set up like this. The problem is highlighted when person after person do not do anything.
I tried to describe how it feels. Its like pushing a grand piano up a mountain, the moment you let go its straight back to the bottom.
Empathy is very rare now. Look at world leaders and the wars, this would not be possible if there was empathy. I think the system is designed on greed. We get lured into wanting more and more things. People work hard. People are desperate to pay their rent, we are not allowed to live freely “off the grid”, so we all must work to pay the bills. There is no room left for empathy. Even in the bible its was said over and over that greed and money lenders are the root of the problem.
When no one else helps anymore, then you have to take care of yourself.
Since i lived in my van full time, 90% of my income i now save. This NEVER happened before. all my money i gave away every month in a fit of excitment.
Now i have all the time in the world, can work online, travel the world and save most of it. It is the best thing to happen in my life
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It sounds like you made a great change. Where are you now?
I've played that game too.
You'll find better people here.
Hop aboarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrd !
Stay Tuned

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  • heron (10-12-2019)
I played that game also. It is so hard seeing the truth of how people judge, react and criticize and are basically sub humanity types. Seen many of them. Luckily some great humans shine thru it all Smile

Balance in life is key. Find your personal balance of what it takes to make yourself happy in what you will allow in your life and won't you won't and you can move forward in fine fashion!!

Very happy you are where you want to be!!!
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Welcome! I'm glad you figured out the key to your happiness. We are in a rigged society and it seems more and more people are figuring that out daily. But with 320 million people in the country, it will take a long time for enough to notice and to fix the current system.

How long have you been in your van now? Any pictures to share?
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  • American Nomad Patriot (10-12-2019)
My story is different. Stable home but both parents were just plain "stick-in-the-muds." Any idea I brought up would be poo-pooed. Not that they were lazy, far from it, just unwilling to dream I guess. At least they didn't go into debt, sure wish I could have done life that way. Their attitudes forced me out but at heart I have some of that risk avoidance in me too which I try to overcome by forcing myself to try new things when I can.

I hope Van Camping will be a part of that.
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Uke. How long did u say until you can get a van and haul butt? If it’s a job that keeps you do it online and go. Times awasting
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I grew up like you in that mom and dad did a ton of work trips that gave them an adventurous life and I always wanted to go and mom said nope, you got school LOL but we had money from Dad being so successful, Mom being a very kind hearted and stable mom and we kids 'had the life' but we never could push those boundaries they set and mom said, when older do what ya want when ya want etc. and I GET WHOLE PART NOW Smile Smile

Thing is the other forum, if you own anything other than a car and tent and that is it, and heaven forbid ya have some 'extra luxuries' you are considered an rv'er and do not have any other useful info to add, yet MANY have rv's and live a 'boondocking' type existence on the road like us.....and ya get called on it by idiots....but the assuming others think everyone must be 'dead broke, with a disability, had a horrible childhood, no money, life f'd them over' it seems your voice and advice means nothing. People throw you into a box....Stupid people Smile

I truly love this forum cause no matter what ya travel in you have advice. Like Blanch in her big old travel trailer to me is me Smile We got some of what other's might not have or want...but it works for us and Camm getting her new MH yet not being a standard rv'er. Some judge so fast and I am so sick of it.....the other forum shows the ugly side of others, this forum just let's everyone contribute and just be us. One thing that I love over here.....people in transition and we are allowed to be there Smile

ah,,long winded post LOL but what the hell LOL
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Take me for another example... Great upbringing in the country of Texas. Farming and ranching. Both parents working most of the time. We had Appaloosa show horses. We had the oldest trailer and truck. But we had good horses. Went many places (States). Usually me and my brother as kids rode in the dressing room of the horse trailer.  Later in life I spent 10 yrs on the inland&offshore tugboats and tank barges of petro chemicals. After that I got into what I do now of 14 yrs. I travel all over doing oil&gas pipeline pipe inspection. It keeps me on the road 99% of the year. I chose to travel. I chose and rv over hotel rooms I would never own. After 13 yrs I chose to start building my shuttle bus out. Does it have its sacrifices? Yes. Life does in general. My aim was Liberty. Nomads/Travellers/RV'ers/ Vagabonds/etc. We all aim for more Liberty. With Liberty becomes Freedom. Even our ancestors sacrificed so much for the Liberty we have now. Sometimes this lifestyle chooses you...Sometimes you choose the lifestyle. No matter what the personal situation is this life if you embrace it will give you Liberty and Freedom..but it comes with a price. The difference is ...this price is not marketed to you. You choose the cost. You live life. The End of my 2 cents. :-D         

Free Range Nomad/AMP/ David
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  • Texjbird (10-12-2019)
Well Roamer that site is “cheap RV living” not cheap car living. I don’t even know how many years since I first became aware of Bob online but it was before he even had a forum.

I was looking for cheap ways to travel and found him many years ago. He had a blog only at that time and only a few posts.

Then some years later I bought a teensy travel trailer. I was searching around for organization ideas when I came across Bob again. I joined the forum at that time to see how others were living very small.

I learned a lot and made a lot of friends. I always had the means to buy larger and didn’t have to RV so cheaply but that’s just kind of my makeup. I don’t mind spending a bit but want to be careful and not just throw it away. It can take me years to choose a car.

I don’t ever feel like anyone on the other site is tagging me personally about having a larger RV. So many on there do and at least half the rtr is made up of people in RVs.

I do hear whining from time to time about people in diesel pushers and McMansions but I just figure it’s jealousy and I just move on. I haven’t been attacked personally for it on there but not many know I have this giant RV. My rv up to this point was a B plus and only 23 foot. I’d still have it if I didn’t have John with me now who really needs an adjustable bed for his awful back.

Maybe some have been making digs at me. It’s possible and I just didn’t notice. When I do see that reverse prejudice on there I do say something.
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