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What is it?
Was found in the RV closet. Asked the previous owner and he said he never figured it out

[Image: 8b151495012eb42b12b68b0ccf2228a4.jpg]
Doug says it's a doohickey to reach something under the rig - maybe the dump valve?

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The bottom split oval looks like something used on my auntie's electric chair lift outside the rig. Her total length measured about 8 inches, so the handle throws me off on a guess.
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If you want to find out the fast way, leave it at home on your first long voyage!

I posted it on a few Facebook RV groups to see if they can help.

Edit 1: The interwebs consensus is it's to reach the awning pull down or used to unlock a 5th wheel pin with out having to climb under the truck. The first seems more sensible in your situation haha, a quick google search on both shows a device that looks similar but not exact to yours.

Edit 2: This has me now thinking whatever it's used for in your rig is powered and this is the manual way to do it in case the power option stops working.....awning as mentioned, slide release, leveling jack release etc?

Edit 3: When diving down my latest rabbit hole and searched slide tool, I found an exact pic of yours on a forum and it looks like it definitely is used in conjunction wit the slide locks somewhere, here it the link with the chat and pic related to it.

Well that was a fun internet mystery!
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Glad you found it. That’s what I told John it was but he was doubtful
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I never had a rig with slides , so was just thinking it looked like some nice steel rod to make something out of........
There could come a day you'll be glad you found out and kept the thing !
THX to Matt for doing the sleuthing ! );>)
Stay Tuned

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